Best Blogging Platform to Make Money

Are you planning to start a blog? Do you have great ideas that you want to put into writing? Starting a blog is an excellent choice! Many bloggers made their name in the industry and they also experienced asking the same question you have today, “What is the best blogging platform I could use to make money?”


The Internet is a perfect go-to-source if you are looking for one. So, to make it easier for you to find these platforms, we visit the different sites and check how their page is doing. Our primary goal in doing this one is to see if they have a responsive website. It is an essential quality a site must have so your audience will stop and look everything they can see on your page. It is frustrating to visit a website and it takes forever for it to load the information you need. So, we need to make that the blogging platform we share you is responsive.


Check out the following recommendations. We include the pros and cons of each blogging platform so you have an idea of what you need.


We have noticed that almost all blogging sites use WordPress. It is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface as well. If you have other side hustles aside from blogging, you can add membership and online store to it. What we like most are the various themes it offers. You can choose from the free and premium themes suitable for your industry. You can also add other useful features because it also has thousands of plug-ins. You may add your social platform so people can easily track you.


It is also free, however, it is necessary for you to buy a domain name from other hosting providers. It also allows third-party apps which are sometimes not safe to do. Also, make sure you run a backup and security every time you create your blog so you can save your work in case a technical issue might happen.


Frequently, people mistakenly thought that both WordPress platforms are alike. Although the same company creates them, they still have differences. is an open source platform which allows you to build your website on your own., on the other hand, offers basic blog hosting service. With this one, you don’t have to set it up so it is easier to manage. If the first type allows you to play some ads, the latter won’t.


Before you use this platform, make sure you read the terms and conditions very well so you understand everything. They may suspend your account if you violate their regulations.




Another favorite of bloggers is the Blogger. It is currently owned and operated by Google. This platform is an excellent option if you are not technically inclined. Since Google manages it, it is proven to be secure and reliable. It is also free but you can’t add new features to it. It is best if you are just starting your blog and don’t need too many features at first.


Blogger offers few templates and designs. Some of them even have low-quality. The features are very limited and the update only happens occasionally.




This user-friendly platform makes use of the drag and drop feature so it will be easy for you to set up your blog. You can easily add photos and it even has a tab where you can set your social media account. After you are done creating your blog, just go to the tab where your social media is located and write your post. Once you click publish, your content is instantly posted to your social network as well.


Squarespace has only limited feature since it has few integrations for an additional service. Aside from it, it just allows you to create 20 pages and one blog.




Weebly also has drag and drop feature. What we like here are the themes are fully customizable so you can ‘change them according to what you want to show on your page. It is also quick and easy to set up and of course, budget-friendly as well. Another pro we found in Weebly is it offers a free service in the first month so you can try if it works well. If you are satisfied with its service, you have the option to buy it before the free trial expires.




If you want to network with other bloggers, Medium is the right tool for you. It is the primary platform most journalists, bloggers, and many people in the writing industry love to use. It also has social networking features and is easy to use. There’s no set up needed so you don’t have to be techy just for you to make it. If you have other ads you need to post in your blogging site, this is not an option for you.




It has a Wix Blog app that allows you to add a blog to your website. The themes and templates it also offers are high-quality. However, you have to be very careful in choosing the templates because once you add it to your site, you cannot already change it. You don’t need to have technical skills because it is as well easy to use using drag and drop tools.



Joomla also works like WordPress. It is a self-hosted platform; therefore, you have to buy a domain name before you can use it. It also works with any blog and website. It offers hundreds of customizable templates. You also need to run a backup and security to ensure your files are stored safely. It provides few add-ons so the service is quite limited.


Do you already have your pick? Make sure you got the right blogging platform suitable for your needs. Weigh the pros and cons so you don’t have to spend on something that is not useful to you. Always check the feature and make sure setting it up is comfortable for you.

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