Blogs That Pay – A Laid Back Way To Earn

Blogging is a very popular way to make money through writing. The idea alone can seem simple enough, but that doesn’t mean any blog is going to have the capability of bringing in a paycheck you can live on. If you want the blog to succeed, it’s going to take time and effort just like any other job. You have to pick a topic that will draw people in, have a well designed and written webpage and find a good way to monetize it. Luckily, there are articles like this one to help you on your way towards being a successful blogger.


Picking A Topic


To begin with, it’s a good idea to write down some topics you like and would enjoy writing about. Not all topics are going to be suited to making money through blogging, that’s why it’s important to have more than one in mind. You might choose a specific topic like travel or fashion or even pets, or you can choose to do a humorous blog and post jokes and funny images or videos related to your topic. Some blogs even take on things like the news in order to further share that information with anyone who comes across their blog.


It’s important to keep in mind the profit-earning potential of each of your topics. If you’re looking to make a decent amount of money as well as write about something you like then you’ll want to choose one that has plenty of potential for marketing products or potentially related websites depending on how you later choose to monetize the blog. Another helpful thing you can do to help make the decision is check out other popular blogs on your topics and see how their creators have designed them and their posts.


Picking A Blogging Service


Choosing a means for blogging can be tricky, as there are positives and negatives to both potential situations. The first being the possibility of using a free blog hosting service such as WordPress or Google Blogger. While these services are free, they can be somewhat limiting as far as design and affiliated links or other ads go. Oftentimes it can also look more professional to have your own domain. Having a domain requires paying money yearly or monthly so that your blog is all its own website. This can give you a lot more freedom as to what you put on the blog and how you design it, but it does require a good deal more web design skill to make it look nice.


Some useful advice might be to start out with a free service. That way you don’t have to worry about paying for a domain while you get the blog on its feet. Once you have more experience under your belt, then you may consider moving the blog to your own domain. At that point, you may also have made enough from monetizing the blog to cover the cost of that domain.


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You’ll want to customize your blog so that it looks professional and is easy to navigate. Potential followers or customers aren’t going to want to look at an eyesore for very long. Before publishing it out into the world, it would be a good idea to get the opinions of trusted friends or family to make sure it looks decent. Then you’ll want to start thinking about your posts. Ideally, by this point you’ve chosen a topic that you can write well on for a long time. It will help if you can come up with a theme for each post. That might be a lesson you want to teach, sharing a product you love, or perhaps something related to a calendar holiday if that applies to your topic.


You’ll want to make sure to add important keywords for each post, that way people can easily find your blog based on the topic of each post. For example, if you’re writing about purple pumpkins you’ll want to make sure to include those words as well as any other words that may relate to the topic, such as Halloween, holiday, or gourds. Then people who share your interests and find your blog will be able to follow you and see what interesting things you post about in the future.




There are several ways to monetize your blog and it’s important you choose the one that is going to be best suited to your topic and posting style. There are two key factors in making sure your blog is going to bring in enough money. The first is making sure you have plenty of followers. You can keep up your posts as usual and probably pick up a few followers here and there, but unless there’s something that makes your blog radically stand out from every other blog on the internet it’s going to take a little more work. A couple of options might be marketing your blog through paid advertisements or trying to go viral, which will take a lot of work but even if you don’t succeed it can land you with a lot of new followers.


When it comes to earning money, there are contextual ad services like WordAds or Google Adsense. Essentially what happens with these is that ads are placed onto your blog, and when followers read through and click on those advertisements you get paid a small amount of money. The more your followers click on these advertisements, the more you have the potential to be paid by the advertisers. Another option is to join an affiliate program. This is similar to Adsense in that you get links or advertisements to add to the posts of your blog. The difference with these links is that customers need to click on them and make a purchase in order for you to get a commission. Either option can work well as long as it matches up with your topic.

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