Can You Make Money Doing Freelance Writing?

There’s no denying that there is a growing trend toward careers that allow you to make your own schedule and work from home. One of the most popular ways is freelance writing, which can sometimes become a very lucrative method for earning an income.


However, it often ends up requiring more work than you may expect and it’s standard to begin working for much lower wages than you might get from even a minimum wage job. However, if you have the fortitude to push through, it can be a rewarding experience.


The Short Answer is Yes


You definitely can make money through freelance writing, but it can take a lot of perseverance and a lot of luck unless you have writing experience to start with. If not, you may have to try out your luck with several different employers before landing something.


Your first stop should be at a well-known freelancing website such as Upwork or Elance. These sites make it easy to find jobs, to send proposals to and put together a freelancer profile. What is important to keep in mind is that they may also take a percentage of whatever you make as a fee for using the site.


If you don’t want to pay a fee, you can also try to seek out clients directly. While this can add a little more to your pay, it can also take a lot more time and effort to find the ideal job. The important part is to land your first job and from there, you can begin to build a writing portfolio.


It Can Take Time


If you’re interested in a career as a freelance writer, don’t expect to get rich quickly. It’s likely that your first few contracts are going to be relatively low paying. The point of these contracts is to build experience, skills and a writing portfolio to impress future employers.


The more experience you gain, the more you’ll be able to raise your rate so that you can bring in more income. Because of this process, it’s not recommended that you quit your day job to dive right into freelancing full time unless you have a massive savings to help cover for any losses.


Instead, start out little by little until you feel safe in your ability to land enough contracts with a high- enough rate. This way, you’ll be able to make the transition easily.


Self-Discipline is Important


If you’re going to write enough to stay afloat or meet financial goals, then you will need to learn to be disciplined. This might mean setting up your own full-time schedule and sticking to it. There are a lot of distractions at home that can make it easy to become distracted and may cause a much lower income.


If you can, it may help to have a work space. This might be a personal office or just a space carved out in your home made mainly for work. Being in a designated work-space can help keep your mind on work and cut down on distractions.


While self-discipline will help you with getting your work done, it can also help to make sure that you take proper breaks so that you don’t overwhelm yourself. The great part about this is that you can set up your breaks to meet your needs, which means if you only need a couple breaks in a day, you can do that. However, if you need a break every hour, then you can make your schedule fit those needs as well.


Learn to Schedule


The more contracts you take on, the more you’ll have to focus on keeping deadlines. If you fall behind too often, you may lose contracts so it’s important to build a schedule that will allow you to stay ahead of the curve. Keep track of the deadlines you receive for every article, as well as the requirements therein.


For this, you may need a calendar or planner. It can also help to keep weekly or daily to-do lists to make sure that you know what needs to be done and when. This can also keep you from being overwhelmed by a multitude of articles. In some cases, a contract may send you multiple articles at a time to work on so the more manageable you can make the work, the easier time you’ll have.


If you work from a desktop, it can help to have multiple monitors because that way, you can write and view resources at the same time. Doing so can help you to be more efficient and get articles done a little more quickly. Of course, your setup will need to be tailored to your specific needs.


Don’t Give Up


While this may be the smallest section, it is the most important. If freelance writing is something you are set on doing, then you’ll need to put all your efforts into it. It isn’t always going to be easy to obtain contracts, and sometimes you might find that clients are difficult to work with.


It’s going to take a lot of patience, and even some late nights to get on the right track but it will surely be one worth getting on if you seek freedom and love to write.




Freelance writing is a great job for many reasons, but it certainly isn’t one that’s going to make you rich quickly. If it’s a job you decide you want to try out, be prepared to put the time and effort into growing your experience and earning your way to higher rates.


For those who are willing to put the time in, you may find that you grow to love being able to work from just about anywhere. While you may not have the paid time off or ability to take long vacations that many standard jobs offer, the ability to be comfortable while you work and work at any time of day or night can more than make up for it.


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