Can You Make Money Writing Articles Online? – Two Useful Tips

One of the most common misconceptions about making money working online is that there is no money to be made doing freelance article writing. Several so-called online business “gurus” will be quick to assure you that freelance content mill sites like Upwork are only filled with scammers and people who only pay their writers pennies for their work. These same gurus will then turn right around and attempt to sell you their own private course that promises to teach you the path to online wealth.


It’s time to finally put this myth to rest. The fact of the matter is that you absolutely 100% can make money by writing articles online. Not only that, but it’s entirely possible to make a liveable wage by doing so, depending on your lifestyle and the amount of work that you are willing to put into it. It’s not at all uncommon for many people to work part-time doing freelance article writing and still end up making between $1,500 and $2,000 USD every month.

Why does article writing have such a bad reputation?


The reason many people think that you can’t make money writing articles online is that in truth, there are indeed many people waiting on freelance platforms like Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr trying to take advantage of rookie freelancers. Sadly, there are some clients that will attempt to score free work out of you by abusing certain systems in place by the platforms. Even more prevalent is the amount of clients who are asking for several 1000+ word articles and offering to pay around five dollars for the entire batch. Many novice freelance writers see these jobs posted and immediately become discouraged and begin to think it’s not possible to make a decent living online.


Here’s a key thing to keep in mind when starting out:


Under no circumstances should you EVER do free work for a client on Upwork or any other similar freelancing platforms.


It doesn’t matter how desperate you are to begin putting a portfolio together. If you are willing to work for someone on Upwork for free, you’d be better off putting your own writing samples together to build a portfolio and actually write about something that you actually enjoy to demonstrate your writing chops.


Along those same lines, it is acceptable to work at a lower rate than you hope to earn when first starting out, especially if your profile has zero feedback on it. You should still not work any less than $1/100 words, bare minimum. Absolutely do not bid on any sort of jobs offering $5 for 1,000-2,000 words. Follow this simple rule of fives: 500 words for $5, minimum.


How to start gaining momentum (and more money) from your article writing


The rule of fives mentioned above is the bare minimum standard to follow when you first start out writing articles to make money online. And even then, you should only work at that rate for the first few jobs that you do. You should aim for some fast and easy 500 word articles that you can finish relatively quickly. Do the articles to the best of your ability, underpromise and overdeliver for your client, and get valuable feedback for your profile.


Once you get a few reviews with five stars on your freelancing profile and hopefully some writing samples to show potential clients, it’s time to up your rates. Starting out, a realistic goal might be to double your rates, and start billing $2/100 words. Depending on the amount of work you are able to dedicate to article writing per day, you can realistically make enough money to cover many expenses at this rate.


Let’s do some basic math to demonstrate what is possible even at that rate, which is honestly still on the extremely low end for what is possible when freelancing and writing articles. Let’s assume that you can write 1000 words in one hour. If you spent five days of the week doing writing, and worked for five hours on each of those days to produce 5000 words of content, you’d be making $500 per week.


5 hours for 5000 words = $100 * 5 days = $500 per week = $2,000 per month.


Are you starting to see what’s possible here?


Now, to be fair, it’s not quite as black and white as saying that you can write 5000 words easily every day in 5 hours. Sometimes, you’ll have to spend some time doing a bit of basic research and you should obviously spend some time editing your work to polish it up as much as possible. However, all of this still adds up to the potential of making at least $2,000 with a part-time effort every month.


How to continue to earn even more money writing articles online


You can follow the exact same method discussed above to make even more money every month. Simply spend a bit of time working at your new rate, establish some ongoing clients, continue to build a portfolio full of quality writing samples, and gather more and more valuable positive feedback. And then just up your rates once again. You may lose some of your clients when doing so. It’s an unavoidable fact that you sometimes have to deal with in the freelancing game. However, even if you lose half of your clients, you’ll still end up making the exact same amount of money — only now you’ve cut your workload in half!


From here, you’re free to carry on with a decreased workload if you’re satisfied with where your income is at, or you can take on more clients at your newly increased rates and earn even more cash. As your writing ability improves, your profile gains more and more five star feedback,  you develop an awesome portfolio, and you make a name for yourself, it’s entirely possible to keep raising your rates like this to earn more and more.


Eventually you will probably cap out though, as there’s only so much people are willing to pay for basic article writing. When that happens, you still have a few options. You can branch out and learn a more technical skill like copywriting, where there is huge potential. Or you can take your writing experience and start producing content of your own for your own websites to build your own business. There’s all kinds of possibilities out there!


If you’re just getting started however, and you’re wondering if it’s possible to make money writing articles online, it’s our hope that after reading this article, you know the answer to be a definitive yes. It’s an excellent way to get started and you can make your first bit of money online as soon as today by writing articles!

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