Is Clixsense Legit? – My Clixsense Review

Would it not be amazing if we could all quit our stuffy desk jobs and work from home? We all have this vision in our heads of being able to be our own bosses and earn a better income while doing less work. Or maybe you just want some excitement, and you believe that working from home will give it to you.


In the age of the internet, all those dreams are possible. But if you are not careful, you could get scammed or lose more money than you make. If you are considering the possibility of working from home, you have no doubt heard of Clixsense. Is it a scam? Does it work? Let us find out.


How Does It Work?


Clixsense promised that you can make money by clicking on ads. There was no hassle and did not take a brain surgeon to figure out how to do that. There has been a lot of confusion surrounding Clixsense because they revamped the site and changed it into a survey site. A lot of the information about the site is outdated, which confuses a lot of people. When you find reviews about Clixsense, most of them review the old system which was full of flaws. We have done our best to review the new system.


Originally, you would click on ads to generate income, but after the upgrade, it is now a survey site. Clicking on ads to generate income seems like a good idea. Why did they change to a regular survey site?


The basic idea behind Clixsense was an intriguing one. You get paid to click on ads. Could it be a viable source of income? The short answer? No. It is not as simple as it sounds. You must watch the ad for at least 20 seconds before earning 1 cent. The highest paying ads offer as much as 2-3 cents. Not only would this be mind-numbingly boring, but by the end of the day you have not made all that much.


You could also make money through the referral system, where you refer people to the program, and every link they click on, you earn a small percentage. Great. Until you remember that you only earn a few cents per view. And a fraction of that would be almost non-existent. Besides all that, you used to be able to sign up to Clixsense as an advertiser. But that dried up quickly, because advertisers realised that it was not doing them any good. People would only click on the ad to get paid. They were not interested in the product.


Thankfully, Clixsense became aware of the flaws in their program and have revamped their site. It is now a survey site, where you get paid to complete surveys and other tasks. They still have a referral system, where you earn a commission on what your referrals earn.


How do you make money now?



Clixsense is now like any other survey site. You must complete surveys for money. And like most survey sites, it is not a viable source of income.




  • Excellent website


The website is well designed and easy to navigate. After spending some time exploring the site, you will know what to do and where to go. They also do not have a ton of self-sponsored ads which can be a problem on other sites.


  • Good for advertisers


Clixsense has thousands of users who are always on the website trying to make money and working hard. So, your advertisement will be seen by a whole lot of people. Granted, they are not paid to click on your advertisement anymore, but they still see it.


  • Unlimited referrals


You earn money for every person that you refer, and they do not limit the number of people you can refer. If you know a lot of people who would like to work online, you can refer them, then they will refer their friends, and eventually the Clixsense community gets much bigger.


  • Decent pay


Look, you will not be able to quit your job and do this full- or even part-time. But compared to other survey sites, they do pay better. Oh, and they do pay you. Most users do not have problem when it comes to pay time.




  • Red tape


You must reach a threshold of $8 before you can release your money. This is higher than other survey sites, and it will take a long time before you reach that amount. Not only that, but they only pay weekly, which can get a little annoying.


  • Preliminary questions


Before you begin the questions, you must answer some preliminary questions. But those questions can take 5 minutes. If you’re not what they are looking for, they will not allow you to take the survey and you will not make any money. We would think that they would let you know if you are qualified before getting your hopes up.


  • Geographically targeted


Most of the surveys are targeted toward a western audience, which makes your location a vital part of earning money. If you do not live in a western country, or America, chances are that you will not be able to take many surveys. Besides that, there are countries that cannot join at all. The site has been restricted from some countries like Afghanistan, Cuba, Niger, and a few others.


Is It a Scam?


No. It is not a scam in the sense that they scam you out of money. But it does seem like a waste of time. It would take a long time before you earn enough to cross the threshold. You simply would not be making enough for it to be a viable income. The truth is that survey sites rarely are. But it would be nice to be able to quite our jobs and just take surveys all the time.

If you are bored and looking for some pocket money though, it would be safe to try and earn from there.



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