Earn Money Online Free by Clicking Ads

Clicking ads could be the easiest job we can do to earn money. However, because of the spread of many scammers on the internet, people lose their trust to this kind of job. Better not to have a job than be ripped off, right?


We didn’t even realize that we can also make money through clicking ads until many sites open and introduce it to the public. You may doubt at first, but that is just a normal reaction if you do not know how it works.


This time, we want to cover the basic on how you can earn money through it. Before we share you the tips, it is also essential for you to know how to determine if the site will not scam you.


When you sign up, you will need to fill out the information on the portal. It is just fine if it is just asking for your name, age, gender, and many other data that you can share in public. But, if you are asked to give your Social Security Number, time for you to hit the x button to close that site! No one is allowed to provide his/her SSN.


Another information that you should not share is your bank account information. Some sites say they need it to drop the money into your account. Beware because it is a sign of phishing or fraud.


Once you click the ad and you were routed to a page asking you to pay to be a member, time for you to say goodbye to that site. It is another tactic you should watch out! Scammers come in many forms so you should be mindful every time you deal with an unknown site.


Therefore, do not waste your time dealing with sites that promise substantial income by letting do a very simple task. There is no easy money today. You have to work and exert an effort if you want to earn a decent income.


How Paid to Click Works


Advertisers of a particular product pay the website owner to display their ads so their target customers can see it. It is a marketing strategy to increase their traffic and potential customers. Most sites are willing to post the ads as well because it is also an additional income for them. Aside from sponsorships and marketing affiliate, they can also increase their revenue through the offer of these advertisers.


It is good news because you can also make money through it. Some platforms they could use to pay you are Paypal, MoneyGram, Payza, and other methods. Make sure you have an active email address associated with either of these. You also need to sign up to any of these payment systems before you join the PTC. You need it to claim your money. But before you can withdraw the money, you need to reach their limit which varies with every PTC sites.


The task is very simple and doesn’t even need a comprehensive instruction for you to do it. Just click the ads and view it. The typical payment with every ad you click range from $0.001 to $0.005. So, you need to be very patient before you reach the withdrawal limit.


By the time you sign up, you need to create a username and password. Use these details as your access in going to the portal where you can see your earnings and activities. The site should be transparent in every information you deserve to know. Make sure it has a portal where you can view your transactions. You can see the amount to make so you will reach the withdrawal limit. It also shows the series of activities you do like the numbers of clicks and survey you took.


Many sites also ask you to take a survey as an additional task. It is your option to accept it. But if it can help you earn more you can also make that one.


The sites are also very strict when it comes to their policies. It only happens when they caught some of their diligent members cheat. The members use fake referral accounts to earn more commission in the Referral Program. Since the sites also have a way to identify if the workers do their tasks well, they find out that these people also use a bot to click the ads for them. The site will automatically ban those who cheat.


You have to read the terms of service before you join. We cannot blame the sites for being strict with regards to this one. They just want to protect the services of their advertisers.


Some survey sites also allow you to look for referrals. It is another way of monetizing because you will receive an extra point. You can let your referrals click the ads and take the surveys while you earn a commission in every activity they made.


If you will ask if you can get rich through this job, well, no! We are not discouraging you to do this task, but if you are looking for a regular job with a sustainable income, you need to find your spot on many job boards anywhere online. If you have skills, you can make use of that one by selling your services to many job boards. Clicking ads is just easy, but you only have to expect a little amount.


If you just want to make your time valuable, clicking ads is a good choice. The same sites offering the Paid to Click service also have other ways to help you earn money. You may also choose to take a survey and do some minimal tasks as an additional income.


Now that you already have an idea of the turnarounds, you can start making money by clicking ads. Just do it in the right way, follow the terms, and wait for the money in your account. Make sure of course to avoid the sites that will do no good to you.

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