Does Fiverr Work? – My Fiverr Review

What do freelancers and entrepreneurs have in common? We all know that they are not the same thing, but they do have a lot in common. Both types have to take on projects or clients to survive, and it can be tough to break into both markets.


Thankfully, there are a number of sites designed to help them do just so. True, not all of them work and some would rather rob you than help you. But there are helpful sites out there. Is Fiverr one of those sites? Or is it just another scam designed to fool you? This review was created to help you decide.


How Does It Work?


Fiverr is a site where freelancers will charge $5 to provide almost any service. There are a few crazy postings out there, and if you need something done, you could probably find someone who is willing to do it for $5.


Besides all the random and slightly disturbing advertisements out there, there are a lot of helpful individuals. These include writers, graphic designers and all manner of web professionals. It is a useful site for entrepreneurs who want to get their work out there, or for people to earn a quick buck.


Fiverr has grown a lot since it began, and now freelancers can charge up to $500 on a project. There are two types of people that use the site. Buyers and sellers. Buyers buy the service and sellers sell the service. Sellers can offer any service, ranging from logo design to writing a blurb for a novel.


If it is a service, and you are good at it, you can sell it. Some sellers offer free revisions and others give you the option of upgrading your service for a fee. Fiverr also has a decent way of making sure that you can tell what kind of seller you are. They will display your positive ratings in a percentage and rank it out of 5 stars.


They also calculate how long it takes you to complete a task, and how many times you have cancelled a buyer’s order. If you do a good job, it will reflect in your ratings. Buyers like the platform because it is cheap, quick and easy.


Sellers like the platform because it is a great way to expand your skills, earn some cash and get your name out there. It seems like a win-win for all.


Getting paid is also very easy for sellers. After you have finished the gig (that is what they call those quick $5 jobs), you deliver the final product and the client gets to choose whether they want to review it or not. After that, you can request payment into your PayPal card or onto your Fiverr revenue card.


You can use your revenue card to release your money into Payoneer, and for a variety of other options. Keep in mind that you have to wait 14 days, but top-rated sellers only have to wait for 7 days.




  • Great website


A good website is the hallmark of a good company. If the website is bad, you probably won’t take the concept seriously. Thankfully though, Fiverr has a great website that is user-friendly and remarkably easy to navigate. You will never get lost!


  • Use your talents


Fiverr attracts all sorts of clientele, and you never know what to expect from them. You will be working on many different projects, that will not take up much of your time. It is an innovative way of using your talents to earn a little cash. And, you will almost never get bored!


  • Quick, easy and cheap


As a freelancer/entrepreneur, you need to get your services out there. Fiverr is a great way to do that and build up a good reputation and solid client base. Signing up is free, and you can even refer a friend for a bonus. Once you have created a great profile, all you need to do is start getting good rankings.


  • Active community


Fiverr boasts a large and active community that supports each other. If you want a logo or any other service, find and support a fellow Fiverr. Have questions? Ask your fellow sellers!




  • Limited payment options


You have to rely on PayPal or try and figure out the revenue card system. Limited payment options are a pain especially since PayPal will deduct additional fees. $5 is only $5, and you want to keep as much of your hard-earned cash as possible. They also hold onto your funds for 14 days.


  • They take a slice of the pie


Speaking of trying to keep your hard-earned cash, Fiverr deducts a 20% revenue fee. This is not ideal since that is a big chunk of your money. Fair enough, they are hosting your services, but other sites take less money. Considering how hard you have to work for you $5, this can feel like a slap in the face.


  • You have little to no control


The ranking system is flawed, because it ranks things that are out of the seller’s control. For example, a client could order an impossible task (those of you in the service industry understand how common this is), Fiverr will then automatically accept the job. You will then have to cancel because you are human, and your cancellation percentage goes up and people judge you for that.


Is It a Scam?


No, it is not a scam. People make their time on Fiverr count and can get decent earnings. It is a great way to get your name out there, but the increasing popularity of the site also means that this is becoming harder to do.


You really need to stand out from the crowd if you want a buyer to notice you. If you do your best and work hard, your ratings should go up soon enough, and you will already have an edge. True, you probably will not make a lot of money, but it is worth trying.

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