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There are dozens of reasons why some people are unwilling, or simply unable, to work a traditional 9-to-5 job. Whether it’s the expense of childcare or the needs of elderly care, an impossible commute, or a disability, many people on the job market require more flexibility in hours and location than typical employers offer.


And even when a person could work a traditional job, many people don’t want to. They want the ability to set their own hours, work from a beach or coffee shop, and find a work/life balance that suits them. The nature of the workplace is changing as millennials enter the workforce with new attitudes and employers compete for top talent. The gig economy is on the rise, and with it comes a new way of thinking about performance and benefits.

The benefits of workplace flexibility


Studies show that workplaces that offer flexible hours and are open to offsite and remote work actually have happier, more productive employees. The ability to work flexible hours or work from home or offsite benefits employees and companies by:


  • Reducing stress. Employees with flexible workplaces report better physical health, better mental health, and reduced stress. Flexibility prevents burnout.
  • Improved work/life balance. When employees are better able to direct their own time and resources, it reduces conflict and spillover between work and life. For example, an employee who works long hours and has a family may find themselves at work but are distracted by school, health, or childcare issues. These distractions impede work performance as well as parenting, resulting in lower results in both areas.


  • Better physical and mental health. Employees in a flexible work environment have been shown to sleep better, engage in more healthy behaviors, and have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.


These benefits for the employee in turn benefit the employer by reducing burnout, employee turnover, low morale, poor performance, and increasing employee engagement and work performance.


In this changing employment landscape, flexjobs.com seeks to connect job hunters with non-traditional jobs. Flexjobs specializes in listing jobs that are:

  • Part-time
  • Flex time
  • Freelance
  • Telecommute or remote
  • Supplemental income


Why pay to join a job-listing site?


The most common objection to joining Flexjobs is the monthly fee. Although the pricing is reasonable, at just $14.95 a month, $29.95 a quarter, or $49.95 a year, many people will wonder why they should pay at all for a job listing site when they could search for and find flexible jobs themselves using Monster or LinkedIn or other free online resources.


The answer, of course, is scams and spam. As job seekers already know, many online searches for work-at-home and telecommuting opportunities are scams, and not real jobs. It can take hours of research to cull through the results and try to determine which opportunities are legitimate and which ones are fake. Even when being cautious, people often find themselves on unwanted spam email lists and chasing false leads.


Flexjobs eliminates that problem by thoroughly researching every job listing, and then researching the company itself, to make sure that their database only contains legitimate jobs with no scams and spam. This helps job seekers spend their time where it counts, and eliminates all the research and guesswork.

Other benefits of joining Flexjobs.com


In addition to their database with thousands of flexible jobs at a variety of levels in dozens of industries, Flexjobs offers other benefits that job seekers will find useful and convenient:


  • Stored resume. Using the Flexjobs template, job seekers can update and store their resume, making the process of applying for individual jobs faster and easier. Resumes can be stored in the user’s Flexjobs profile, and be visible to employers as well.
  • Advanced search. The Flexjobs search engine allows seekers to quickly and easily narrow down their search for the opportunities that are right for them, either by job type, location, career level, industry, or schedule. Rather than read individual listings for the fine print, the search engine focuses on just the right results.
  • Skills testing. Members can take free skills tests and display the results on their profile, helping to position them for the jobs they want and making potential employers take notice.


  • Easy cancellation. Finally, Flexjobs offers easy cancellation and a money-back guarantee, so there is no risk to the user. Whether you get a job and no longer need the service, or simply decide that Flexjobs isn’t right for you, there is no long-term contract or financial obligation.


Unlike many job board sites that focus on specific industries and work-at-home opportunities, like transcription or call center jobs, Flexjobs also includes listings for executive and upper-level management jobs, as well as highly educated and highly skilled workers, while still featuring schedule and location flexibility. This range of opportunities is great for those re-entering the workforce or seeking employment after a life change.


Flexjobs.com in the media


In the past 10 years, Flexjobs has been profiled in dozens of media outlets, including Forbes, CNBC, Inc., Entrepreneur, Time, and CNN Money. Founder Sara Sutton Fell is a leading advocate for flexible workplaces and gender equality, and is a regular speaker at industry conferences and forums. She is also the founder of 1 Million for Work Flexibility, an initiative to create visibility and advocacy for greater flexibility in the workplace.


Job seekers are overwhelmingly positive about their Flexjobs experience, as reflected in testimonials and reviews on sites like Glassdoor, SiteJabber, and the Better Business Bureau. In addition, Flexjobs gets positive reviews from a host of work-at-home websites and bloggers, who love the service and the way the site works.


As the world grows smaller and more connected, and as we culturally redefine our ideas about quality of life and the scale of our ambitions, the world of work is evolving. Flexjobs seeks to meet this new demand and foster a flexible economy. Given the money-back guarantee and the positive endorsements, it seems like a great way to find the flexible job that is just right for your needs.

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