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We regularly see ads anywhere we browse on the internet. They are sometimes annoying because they are sometimes more striking than the content we intentionally visit. They also interrupt us when we watch videos online. They show first before the start of the program or movie. We have the option to skip some of them. They also show up anywhere on the page.


Maybe, this is also your reaction when you see those ads popping up everywhere. But we must admit, some ads grab our attention. When it does, it leads us to click it. We then read what it has to offer that might interest us. And there we go! We found ourselves purchasing a product. They’re annoying but helpful at the same time.


Through the ads, we don’t have to browse the internet to look for it. We have noticed that the ads shown on different sites are relevant to our browsing history. For the longer time we’ve been an internet user, we have already noticed that one. Try to search a cheap flight going to your target destination and you will instantly see some ads similar to your search. We have the choice to turn it off but of course, we don’t want to waste our time clicking each of the ads just to get rid of it.


We also have the option to install an ad blocker. We tried it and found that there are still those ads that cannot be blocked by the app. So, let’s just stick to it. Let us just make use of those ads to make money daily. This time, we will help the companies promote their ads in many ways. By doing it, we can earn a few cents which are not bad as a side hustle. Let’s check the ideas on how we can make it!


Post ads on Social Network


Large companies are willing to pay to increase their visibility on different social networks. You can help them achieve it. One of the frequently used social platforms for ads posting is Facebook. It is the best way to promote whatever kind of business you have. It targets everyone in a specific geographic location.


It gives you an opportunity to target people who share the same interest. It is also an excellent platform to grow your audience. Anything that captures the attention of the individual may go viral through shares, likes, and comments. You can also post a video about your ad or create a beautiful graphics to attract your target audience.


Posting on Facebook is free. All you need to do is to post the link to the product with a proper description. One thing that makes it easy to post on Facebook is image or video associated with the link automatically populates. You don’t have to create graphics just to seek everybody’s attention.


You can also filter your target audience whom you want to receive your post. In this way, you set it to the right people. You can also use an app like Buffer to schedule your post so you don’t have to be online the entire day just to promote the product. Make sure you know the right schedule to post the content so your target audience can view it.


Advertise on YouTube


Most of us spend time watching YouTube get entertained and learn many things. You may have noticed that before a video starts to play, an advertisement is played first. Clicking the ad will route him to the site where a product is sold. In YouTube, you don’t have to create more followers just for you to post an ad. You just need to partner with this site using your Google account.


The numbers of viewers you have determine your potential to earn. These viewers can be your subscribers as well. Partnering with YouTube is easy to do. Just hover over the Create Studio men, verify your account, and enable the Monetization button.


When you are done, you have to create an AdSense account. You can now access the revenue reports to see your generated income. Check the green $ symbol to see if you have enables the monetization of your other videos. Now you can already create ads for the company and make sure the monetization feature is enabled.


Affiliate marketing


If you have a blog, you can also post an ad to it. Make use of your writing skill to write a good content describing the product so before the consumer clicks the link, he already had an idea why he was routed to a different page. The link provided to you by the company who wants you to advertise the product will serve as a key to route customers going to the company’s site or purchasing section.


Remember, the link provided to you is unique. It is also used to identify that the customer came from you. Most affiliate marketers earn by commission basis which is about $10 to $20 every successful sale. So, if your blog is gaining more traffic, the higher is the chance for you to close a deal.


Some blogging platforms also have a feature where you can add an advertisement to your website. In this way, you just have to display it on your page without writing a blog about it. But to compare it with affiliate marketing, the latter work more efficiently. People will only view the ads displayed in a page as an image with few descriptions in it. Unlike with affiliate marketing where you have to adequately describe the product so the customer can gain more information.


Doing all these simple ways don’t require money as an investment. As long as you know the right strategy, you can help the company close a sale in the right way while you earn daily. You may also apply those techniques if you have your product to sell. Now, posting an ad is as easy as steps 1-2-3. Thanks to these tools!

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