Get Paid to Post Ads on Social Media

Almost all people own a social media account nowadays. Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other kind of platform, it all has the same purpose: to connect you with other people. It is also very common to millennials to appear on different social networks.


One of the primary purpose why we love to spend our time to stay visible in the social world is to get engaged with many people and share the footsteps of our lives. But now, we will help you make it more useful by sharing some tips on how to get paid by posting ads on it. It is a decent job, but we cannot recommend it to be an alternative to your work in the office. The payment you will receive from posting ads varies with every company. It is a good side hustle if you need to earn extra.


Why Choose Social Media to Post Your Ads


If you have built an excellent reputation with your online followers, it’s not hard for you to sell a product. You already gain their trust because they know you. If you also post interesting things now and then and you get many shares, likes, and comments, it is not even impossible for you to reach out to them if you want to offer something.


With the new feature of Facebook, you can already set a specific audience to see your posts. If there is a particular group, age, or community you would like to target, you can filter them in Facebook. In this way, it will not be annoying for your other followers to see an ad that does not relate to them.


Social media is a perfect place to gain influence and network with other people who share the same interest. Anything you post can go viral as long as it grabs the attention of many people. If people like your content, they will most likely share it. If more people share your content, your influence also increases.


If you have an idea how a hashtag work, you will surely be interested in creating a Twitter or Instagram account. These two platforms always use hashtag every single post. Other social media networks are also starting to make use of it because of its importance. If you a hashtag to search a specific product or item, you will get thousands of results. The post that gets the higher share, views, comments, and likes is on the top of the list. So, if you want to have the ad to be easily tracked by the audience, use hashtag that is relevant to it.


Influencers generate a high income through social media by just posting their photos and videos. It can also be useful in advertisements. As long as your ads capture the interest of the audience, it’s not impossible to generate a good pay. People buy a product or service if they need it. Just imagine a product included in the basic needs of every household. Because they need it, they will surely buy it.


Most of the companies are willing to pay many people to help them promote their products or service. They are aware that social media is an excellent tool to reach more people in different communities who might want to purchase their offers. Social media marketing nowadays is rampant because it has a significant influence. With the variety of social channels to choose, it is not impossible to market your product worldwide.


How to Post Ads


It is annoying to see the same ads every time you go online. You can first create graphics for it by using tools like Canva. Make sure to write different comments describing the product you are promoting. Ensure that you have about 14 to 20 comments they are sufficient for one-week posting. We want to help you save your time posting different contents daily. You can just do this step once a week but it will make you visible online the entire week.


Once you have created graphics, you can then download it. You can still use it in the future postings you will do. Then, you need to use an app to schedule your post. One of the best apps is Buffer. In this app, you can add all of the social media channels you have.


Go to the comments section of the app and paste all the comments you prepared. Also, include the link to it. You have the choice to use the image that automatically populates when you paste the link and you also have the option to replace it by uploading the graphics you made so your post looks attractive.


Have the ads scheduled in Buffer. Choose the specific time your target usually goes online. It could be at noontime where they go to lunch or in the evening where they often relax. You need to choose the time where you want them to appear randomly. Then, just click post and your ads are good to go!


The other thing to do the scheduling is to open the link in your browser. From there, right-click the mouse and you will see the Buffer app in the list. You will see that all your social networks appear but they are graded out. You just need to click each of them or whichever platform you would like to schedule your content. Then, paste the comments and choose “schedule” from the menu. Select the date and time you would like the post to appear on social media.


All you just need to do now is to wait if you receive a notification so you know when to reply if you’re a prospective buyer is interested in the product. In this way, you are already starting the process to earn in the right way.


There is no short way to monetizing. But if you have the strategy and firm purpose, you can surely make your way to success.

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