How Can I Escape My Job? – Live The Life You’ve Always Wanted

Most people in the modern western world do not control their own time, nor do they dictate their own level of prosperity. They have to live according to another person’s schedule, organize their daily lives around that schedule, and accept whatever money their employer has decided their work is worth.


Jobs used to be stable.  You could depend on working for a years to come, and you were actually paid a living wage.  You weren’t required to spend the average household income’s worth every year for four years just to obtain a college degree in “just anything” just so you could show a flashy certificate to an employer for a job that isn’t all that related to your degree, just to get a job anyone can do.


Your job was yours, and it was reliable, as long as you were too.  And in case you found yourself out of a job, another one was just around the corner.  And it paid the bills as well.


Few people are really in control of their lives…


It’s been said that most people will spend 48 years of their adult life working.  Most of these years though, are spent in a very depressing place to be.  A lot of people would rather earn money doing what the enjoy, but few hobbies actually pay well, unless you know how to market that hobby.


Few jobs actually make people happy.  You force yourself 5-6 days a week to screw up your biological sleep cycle every morning, arrive at a particular location cold or heat-rain or shine, spend 8-12 hours at a place that you absolutely hate, with people you don’t really like all that much.  And this cycle repeats itself over and over again until it becomes automatic as you slowly begin to accept your fate.


Is this really how you want to spend up to 50 years of your life?  What if I told you that it isn’t necessary for you to live like that?  What if I told you that you don’t have to have your entire day organized for you and that you could play by your own rules?


Maybe It’s time to get away from the wishing well.  Maybe it’s time to stop answering to an employer coercing you by dangling your livelihood before your eyes.  Maybe it’s time to stop clocking in and out,  walking on eggshells, asking for permission to use the restroom, or asking for time off to spend with your family and friends.

Maybe it’s time to free yourself.



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