How Much Money Can You Earn From YouTube?

A lot of people around the world nowadays want to make money online. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or the patience to learn a completely new skill like copywriting or coding to help them do so.


Thankfully, there’s still other options available. For anyone who isn’t camera shy and has a more social personality type, making videos for YouTube is an excellent choice. It can end up being quite profitable.


Anyone who’s ever seen a list of the top earners on YouTube has probably had their jaw drop to the floor. In 2016, YouTube star PewDewPie earned $15 million from his channel, where he plays the latest video game releases while providing commentary.


Sounds like an awfully absurd amount of money for playing video games doesn’t it? It doesn’t end there. There’s also channels featuring comedians pulling pranks, adults playing with children’s toys, and even makeup tutorials that are all earning millions of dollars per year.


So how exactly are they earning so much money?


How to Get Paid With YouTube


One of the most common misconceptions regarding YouTube is that you are paid for simply producing videos. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s not even YouTube that technically pays you.


Since YouTube is actually owned by Google, content makers are actually paid via the Google Adsense program. You know those annoying ads that pop up when you go to check out all of your favorite YouTube videos? That’s all thanks to Adsense.


It works like this: YouTube monetization is based on something known as cost per mille (CPM). What this means is that content producers are paid for every 1,000 impressions (or views) that they receive.


As a rough example, let’s use a CPM of $1. This would mean for every 1,000 views that your YouTube video gets, you will be paid a single dollar. What your CPM would actually be all depends on the niche you go into when creating your videos. The amount ranges anywhere from $0.01 to $10 paid for every 1,000 views.


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On average, it’s reported that the average CPM is $7.6 for YouTube. Let’s do some basic math using that averaged out CPM of $7.6 to demonstrate what is possible for you:

  • 1,000 Views – $7.60
  • 10,000 Views – $76
  • 100,000 Views – $760
  • 1,000,000 Views – $7,600
  • 10,000,000 Views – $76,000
  • 100,000,000 Views – $760,000


A More Realistic Scenario


From looking at those numbers, we can see that even if you had just one video that went viral in a big way and managed to hit 100,000,000 views, you can potentially make over $750,000.


And that’s from just ONE video. Most YouTube content creators are putting out a video nearly every day of the week!


Realistically speaking though, most people won’t hit that high of a number when it comes to views. However, if you are consistent and regularly produce high quality content that engages viewers, you can still earn a nice living.


Let’s look at a hypothetical scenario. You’ve established a YouTube channel, you’re putting out five videos per week, you’ve managed to hit 100,000 subscribers, and you’re in a YouTube niche with a CPM of $6. Let’s go ahead and say that everytime you release a new video, each of those subscribers checks it out.


For the purposes of our hypothetical experiment, your subscriber count will remain at 100,000 for a full year. We won’t be giving you the benefit of your numbers growing on this one!


So, if you produce five videos per week for 52 weeks straight, you’ll end up with 260 pieces of content on YouTube after one year. If each of your 260 videos receives 100,000 views, here’s what happens:

  • 260 videos x 100,000 Views each
  • 100,000 Views x 7.0 = 700
  • 700 x 260 = 182,000

You’re reading that right. It’s possible to earn well into the six figure range with even a modestly successful YouTube channel.


Anyone who gets involved with a solid niche and remains consistent with their content creation should be able to achieve these numbers within a couple of years. There’s not many other avenues you can take to get that kind of return within a year or two!

Please Like and Subscribe to Make Big Money Online


This is exactly why so many YouTube content makers are always asking you to like and subscribe to their channel at the end of their videos. As their subscriber count goes up, the more likely they are to get repeat viewers to further boost their earnings.


As far as likes and dislikes go, it’s not known for certain, but it’s commonly believed that once you are an established YouTube persona that they do indeed affect the algorithm. A combination of high subscription counts along with videos that receive plenty of likes will help boost YouTubers income significantly.


So now that you know what is possible when it comes to making videos for YouTube, what are you waiting for?

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