How to Earn Big by Buying and Selling Websites

For several years of making the internet part of our lives, we have noticed some websites abandoned by many bloggers who may have found another career, opt to a 9-5 job, or they don’t have time to maintain their site. They don’t know that they can sell their websites for profit. They can look for website buyers who want to develop the site for a different business.


If ever you are one of the people who want to sell your site, you may wonder how much it costs. The price depends on the profit of the website as well. If your site generates an income of $200 through the affiliate programs and posted advertisements, that is equivalent to an approximate amount of $2,400 if you are going to sell it. Buyers may make a deal to lower the price. Even if you are going to reduce a few amounts of your original offer, you will still earn a triple amount.


With this kind of amount, you will earn 12 times more than the income of your website. It means that you can already gain your site’s one-year income when you sell it. Therefore, why not make buying and selling a website be your new business? The process of buying and selling has separate methods.


How to Buy a Website


Monetize your website


It is essential to learn how to monetize your website so you can estimate the value of a site.


Hunt for abandoned sites


The best way for you to find an abandoned site is to check if its blogs are regularly updated. You will know it based on the published date of the last posted content. If you can see that it’s been several years already since the site receive an update, you may now contact the owner.


To do it, look for the social network section and you can send him a message to inquire and make a deal. Almost all blogs have social media accounts posted on the site. It is not difficult to find. You can send a message to Facebook and tell him you are interested in buying the site.


Assess the site’s value


Assessing the site’s value will give you an idea about its price. If you don’t know how to check for its metrics, you can ask for help from other bloggers you know who know about doing the assessment. If you have already learned to monetize your blog, you can have an idea of the value of the site you want to buy. It is still advisable to ask for opinions from your friends in the same niche.




Negotiation is typical when buying and selling any item. It is also happening when you want to buy or sell your site. If the blogger refused the amount you offered, weigh in the things so you can give him a fair amount.




Ensure that the payment is Escrow protected to avoid the scam. You have to make sure that the site is already put under your name before you release the payment. It is also safe if you make a contract to protect each other’s rights. Do it before the transfer of ownership.


How to Sell a Website


You can again ask for your fellow blogger’s opinion to evaluate the estimated cost of your site. You may also want to compute the total amount of your site’s monthly income and multiply it by one year.


Another option is to calculate the money you spent when you build the website. You can also track its traffic, followers of the blog, cost of advertisements, and many areas that contribute to the value of the blog.


Advertise Your Blog/Offer It


Some sites like Flippa or Digitalpoint provide listings of the site that they sell. You can have your blog added to their website for listings. If you prefer this option, these marketplaces will charge 5% for the transaction fees. They will act as a middleman, so they just need to charge you. You got your website sold without you making an effort to do your sales talk.


Another option to sell it is to offer it to your friends or fellow bloggers. In this way, you have already built their trust and they can also provide a good deal. No one is also going to charge you since you sell the website in your own effort.




Just like buying, negotiation is also a vital process when selling a site. Base the offer on your computation earlier. The buyer may also ask a discounted price. It’s either you are going to accept it or look for other buyers. You can ask for his phone number so you may contact him if you cannot find a better deal than his offer.


Close the deal


Put the transaction into writing. You can create a contract to protect both of your rights. Some buyers prefer to store the transaction in an email. It is still essential to produce a hard copy of it to make the deal more secure. Make sure the ownership is transferred to his name before he makes a payment.


Additional Tips


When making a deal, you may meet two kinds of website buyers. The other one will buy a website to expand his business. The other one is looking for a return on investment. He is focused on the income he will gain. The person should always have a definite goal when he buys or sells a website.


Many people purposely build websites so they can sell it. They know that they can generate more income when entering into this kind of business. You can buy and sell any types of websites including blogs, dropship sites, paid membership sites, and affiliate or sales sites. These sites are most profitable because they have high traffic. Another most profitable site that generates a higher income is the community sites. It already has massive audience and members, so it is not difficult to monetize if you want to buy or sell it.

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