How To Earn Extra Cash – Why Working Overtime Is A Terrible Way To Make More Money

I remember back in the old days working at my crappy department store job, earning less than $200 every other week and living in a cramped apartment with my mom and sister.  Figuring out how to earn easy money and be financially secure was an ever continuous dilemma.  During the holiday season though, I would get very exited because this would be the time of the year where for 2 months I would get a chance to triple my income and earn some more cash.


The hours really sucked at my old job. With normal working hours topping out at a measly 4 hours, it was tempting to look for a second job.  Towards the end of the year though, things got a little better.  From November to December, I would work from 4am-12pm, 8 hours a day.  At the end of every two weeks, I’d take home a whopping $600.


Every chance I’d get, I would ask a manager if they needed any overtime workers, and sure enough, they’d be desperate and thankful for the extra help.  And I’d be three times richer and yet very tired and unsatisfied.


Why do people work overtime?


Let’s take a look at this very simple concept when it comes to figuring out how to earn more money.   Let’s say a guy has been working at a job for a while… maybe a few months now, and he pretty much more or less feels that he knows the job well enough by now.


Other than obviously getting a second job, what would be the quickest, sure-fire way for him to earn some more money?  Overtime right? It’s quite simple: you work more hours than typically allowed, and you earn more money.  When facing a problem with one’s finances, overtime is a quick and more accessible solution and many people choose this option because they don’t know any other way.  More hours means more money.  And you do earn more… but is it necessary?  Is it worth it?


Thinking in terms of revenue, as opposed to thinking in terms of a “paycheck”


Let’s get one thing straight.  If you’re still in the “worker bee” mindset, then you can forget about ever achieving prosperity.  People who push themselves extra hard for a measly extra few hundred dollars, are not working smarter and straining themselves for little to nothing.  The type of people that succeed financially are the type of people who think about their income in terms of quarterly revenue and earnings;  They are not the ones who worry about whether or not the last $50 they have left in their bank account will help them get by until payday.


Why overtime is a BAD way to make extra cash


The “budget mindset”

When you’re used to earning a certain amount of income, and suddenly you’re earning more, it can be quite tempting to “upgrade” your expenses to keep up with your new(and temporary) income.  You become accustomed to a larger budget and slowly begin to rely on this surplus in income.  One new monthly expense snow balls into many new “perks,” and eventually, will you begin to reckon with the idea that one day the opportunity to earn more money will run dry and you’ll end up with more expenses and a huge deficit in spending power.



Whether you’re old or young, you can push your body as far as you think it will go, but when your body finally says “no,” it’s time to take a break.   When you hit the wall after a month straight of overtime, you finally begin to feel the toll both mentally and physically.  Stress begins to pile up on you like a backpack being loaded with one brick day after day.  One brick representing one day of overtime.  If enough bricks are stuffed into the bag, then either you run out of space, or you finally collapse.


After a long period of back-to-back weeks of 60 or more hours of work, a much needed resting period is required, which could chip into your vacation time as you will be forced to take time off.  If the burnout is severe, it could potentially backfire on the gains you’ve made when you continue to take off, as your employer could take time back from your overtime earned.  Stress levels should be managed when taking overtime as it could lead to health problems as well as the following issue caused by overworking yourself.


Reduced Productivity

Working hard is a desired quality employers look for, but you can only spread yourself so thin before the quality  of your work begins to suffer.  Studies have shown that when white-collar workers work 60 hours or more in a week, their productivity and quality of work declines 25%.  Spreading yourself too thin and working long hours can cut into your sleep patterns and ware you out.


Affecting you job performance may not be the only drawback of excessive overtime, but mishaps can happen outside the workplace as well.  As your cognitive ability takes a hit you may find yourself doing things you might not have done had you gotten a bit more rest.  I have, on a couple of occasions, locked my keys in the car, or paid for gas and drove off without pumping a single drop.  lol Luckily, my refund was waiting for me the very next day.


Potential Safety Hazard

As stated above, working extended hours can compromise your ability to function at a level necessary to complete normal tasks at your work place safely.  People that have jobs where awareness, concentration, and attention to detail matter the most like hospitals, factories, plants, and security jobs, are most at risk.  The risk for work related injuries and accidents occurring multiplies with extended work hours.  Extra money’s good, but not at the cost of your health.


Reduction In Quality Of Life And Free Time

How much of your time with your friends and family do you value?  Would you rather be on the road than spend a night out with your friends?  Is staying late at the office worth the extra few hundred dollars if it causes you to miss important events in your young child’s life?  It would be nice, but we can’t be at multiple places at once.  The more time you spend working, the less time you spend living your life, and that’s a lesson everyone should learn when it comes to balancing work and life.


We know that overtime is not an efficient, or enjoyable way to make more money.  It makes you slow, which could lead to unsafe behaviors in the workplace as mentioned above.  What good is putting forth an excessive amount of effort for relatively little gain if it puts an unnecessary strain on your body and mind, and drives a wedge between you and your friends, your children, and your spouse.


Here’s what to do instead…


So if working overtime is such a bad way to make more money, then what’s a better alternative?  Well, There is a better way to make more money.  It can be an extra income stream to supplement your job, or it can replace your job all together.  You can potentially work less hours, and earn more money!


Free yourself from your job and make money online!


How long can you keep it up? How long will you seal off your potential and be trapped by the “worker bee” mindset?  How long will you continue to live in mediocrity and accept that to make more money you need to strain yourself by pushing yourself to work more hours or goodness forbid taking a second job just to make ends meet.  If you think that this is the only way to improve your circumstances, then I got news for you… Open. Your. Eyes.


I’ve been working online since March 2015.  Back then, I stumbled upon some awesome online marketing training that changed everything.  This step by step training helped me build this very website you’re on right now.  I had a job that I hated waking up early in the morning to go to, just like you. This is my third website and I’m proud of the success I’ve had so far making money online.


Your life… your rules…

All the things you dream of doing, but right off in your own mind due to what you believe is possible, can become your reality.  Traveling and sitting in the sun at a beautiful Spaniard beach while tapping away at you laptop is a humbling experience, once you remember how you got there after constantly pushing yourself and continuing to believe in yourself.  Working online gives you the income you need, while giving you the time to enjoy your life… time that we all desperately want.


Imagine having the freedom to backpack through Europe and meet many new beautiful people and lifelong friends, while in the mean time rediscovering yourself and ultimately realizing that you’re much more than an employee.   Earning money while reclining on your cushion of choice and never having to worry about a job or “payday” again is not just a pipedream, but it can be your reality.


Final thoughts


I want you to make a promise to yourself right now and stop volunteering for overtime.  And don’t you dare think about taking up a second job!  I would like to take the opportunity to personally invite you to checkout what I believe is the best answer when it comes to making extra cash, or eliminating your need for a job completely.  Does that sound cool?  I am a firm believer that only those that take action can get what they really want in life.  Stop dreaming and start doing!  Check out my invitation just below this article and take some action!

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