How To Earn Money Online With Google AdSense

How Much Money Can You Make With Google AdSense?


The amount of money you make on AdSense depends on a few things. First, it depends on how much traffic you get to your site. The more page views you have, the more you get paid, it’s that simple. Second, it depends on how active your visitors are. The more they click on the ads, the more you will make (you make more for a click than a view). All of this means that you can maximize your income by having many high-quality articles and blogs on your site. If you want to make $100 a day on AdSense, you will need 40,000 page views, which equates to 80 page views on 500 articles. This is why website owners frequently employ writers to write articles quickly — the more articles and blogs you have the more you will make. It is possible, then, after a few years of producing content, to make hundreds of dollars a day on one website. All of that of course depends on how well you have marketed yourself and whether you are getting the traffic you need, but it is not outside of the realm of possibility to make that much.

Types of AdSense Payment


There are 3 cases in which you get paid on AdSense, and all of them are important.


Per View


First, you get paid for every website impression, or page view. These are the lowest payments, but since they occur more often they are a great source of revenue. If you rely on this alone, you can make solid income. The trick here is just to get visitors, and to have as many quality pages as you can.


Per Click


The second way to get paid is to have someone click on the ad. This pays out more than a view, but it is harder to come by. You can increase your chances of getting clicks if you make sure the ads are relevant to the page and that your content incites people to want to buy things that are related to the niche of your site.


Per Purchase


Finally, you can be paid when someone spends money on the site that the ad directs them to. This is a great way to make money, but it is very hard to control. There is no telling when people will actually pay for things, what their budgets are, whether they are looking to buy or browse, etc. But this is something to keep in mind.


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How To Generate Revenue


So the question that is left is: how do we go about making money with AdSense, step by step? Here is as general guide:


Niche Is Better


First, you have to develop your site. The basic principle that applies here is that a niche site with quality content and a great concept is better than a site that tries to appeal to everyone. Those sites are a dime a dozen and get passed over, whereas a great niche site may have a lot of attention coming is way and will generate interest, even to the point of having devotees and fans. So give your site some thought and pick something good and pointed. The usual recommendation is to pick something that you know about and are passionate about — something you already have experience in and can make sure to have quality control over. Your viewers will know if your site is about knitting and you have never held a needle, and they will punish you in kind. So pick the right sort of thing.


Quality Copy, And Lots Of It


This is quite important — the copy on your site needs to be quality. This is for a few reasons. First, in order to get people coming back, and in order to get them clicking on ads, you have to excite them. You have to make them interested in something. This can be done by informing them (a great technique) or by showing them material that interests them. In either case, you want them to be excited. And second, in order for your page to get ranked well on Google, the copy has to be of high quality. It has to make sense, be grammatically solid, and be informative or otherwise engaging. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing to get ranked higher.


Beyond that, the biggest rule is that you want to generate as much good content as you can. Hundreds of pages a year ideally. This will grow your site fast enough to generate views and clicks quickly and get you to the point where you are making money.


Consider Hiring Qualified Writers


You will probably want to hire a writer or writing firm to generate your content. You likely don’t have the time or the skill to write a new 1,000 word article every day or two, and this is what writers do. They make their living making you sound good, and if they are good, they do so while creating original, creative, impressive content very quickly. A good firm will employ good writers, and will all but ensure you having solid content. This is quite important and it is worth the investment.




You will, once you have the content in place on your site, and even as you are generating it, want to market your site. You will need to get as much attention and click throughs as possible. There are a few ways of doing this, and a few things yo need to keep in mind when you do.




First, your site needs to be SEO optimized. This means both that the backend of the page’s code itself needs to be optimized for Google and that the writing needs to be SEO friendly (which is a matter of making sure to write the kind of content that Google rewards, while at the same time using certain keywords to get it ranked). You can hire an SEO firm to do some or all of this, and your writers should be able to write SEO-friendly content.

Hiring And Marketing Agency


You may also consider hiring a marketing agency. They will put you out there on Google Adwords, on social media, and everywhere else they can, and they will know what sorts of strategies work. It is a worthy investment.

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