How to Make an Extra $100 a Week

Are you aiming to earn 100 dollars a week? Of course, you can! Earning this certain amount is impossible online. Many jobs and resources are available to help you achieve your goal. One of the best things the internet provides is these positions are available for moms, teens, and students. If you are retired and you feel like you missed working, you may also try some of the jobs e highly recommend.


Earning for $100 a week is not bad. Other online workers even earn more than this that is why they sometimes prefer to work at home than go to the office every day. In the online industry, yourself is your boss. You can work for many clients as long as you can while you earn the same amount most 9-5 jobs also provide. In reality, $100 could just be the beginning. The longer you work online, the more your skills are being developed. So, if you are dedicated, you could also earn more!


Excited to check the jobs we will suggest for you? Check this out!


Freelance Writing


Freelance writing is one of the noblest professions in the online community. It is also the most in-demand kind of job that provides a sustainable income. A high-quality 500-word article could even cost $10 to $15 or more. So, if you have lots of vacant time to write about ten articles per day, you already made that $100 goal in a very short time. You just need to make sure you can write efficiently so clients will want more.


Writing covers too many services. You can set up your own site and be a blogger. You can also accept gigs from many websites looking for writers, and you may even sell an eBook. All these services generate an unlimited income. Are you now planning to leave your job? Not yet, we still have more job suggestions in the row!


Social Media Manager


If you have that strategy on how to manage different kinds of social media accounts and post them at the right time, being a social media manager is suitable for you. You can work for multiple companies and imagine if each of them pays you an hourly rate of about $20 to $30 per hour. How’s that sounds?


Virtual Assistant


Bloggers and entrepreneurs often need a virtual assistant to do various tasks for them. The type of project you need to do varies with different industries. You could already generate an income of $10 to $20 per hour by just being highly organized in preparing some reports, recording the business transactions, post a blog in the website, and many other simple and complex tasks.


Web Designer


Some businesses frequently hire a professional web designer to ensure that their website will look attractive. It’s either business owners have no time to do it, or they don’t have the technical and artistic skills. If you think you can create a professional looking website, you can earn $50 to $100 in just a single project. How much more if you have many clients? If you deliver a high-quality design, your clients could refer you to their colleagues who also need someone like you.


Affiliate Marketer


If you have a blog, you can also be an affiliate marketer. It seems like you’re hitting two birds with one stone if you do this one! Just make use of the affiliate link provided to you by the owner of the product, write something about it, then post that link to your blog. So easy! Once your readers clicked that link, they will be routed to the page where the product is primarily sold. It could be on Amazon, eBay, or other online shops. If the customer makes a purchase, you can get at least 10% commission every single item sold.


Sell your skills on Fiverr


If you think you are that luckiest person gifted with so many talents or skills, Fiverr will help you find a job suitable to what you are capable of doing. It is a job board that offers opportunities to people who have various skills. It’s a place where clients go if they need someone to work for them. Whether they are going to hire you as customer service, a seller of their products, record audio, do a voice over, or do some secretarial jobs, it’s a sure way you’ll earn money.




Many industries make use of the listening skills of a transcriptionist. It includes media, entertainment, online, medical, and legal industries. You need to have sharp ears for you transcribe every single word spoken by the people in the audio. Every content you subscribe costs $25-$60 depending on the length of the audio. So, if you can type fast to capture each word, it’s a sure way to money.


Create a Webinar


Why not make use of your quality skills when it comes to providing advice to people about starting a business, money-making goals, and even relationship topics? Webinars are the go-to source of many coaches to spread their word to the people. Some people are willing to spend money to hire a coach so they learn what they want to know. Hiring a coach costs $500 to $1000 a month depending on the service package they offer.


Setup an Online Shop and Sell Stuff


If you have many things at home you don’t use anymore but other people can still make use of them, you can put up a website where you can sell your stuff. Some people love vintage items and they’re willing to spend money to collect it. Vintage collection is just a hobby for them, but it’s going to be money-making for you. If you have established your site and it runs well, you can also buy other items and sell them at retail.


Which of these jobs attracts you most? Do you see a bright future from having any one of them? We also want you to experience the benefits of working at home so, hope this list helps you find a job suitable for your skills.

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