How To Make Money Listening To Music Online

Many people love the idea of being able to add a little extra money to their pockets, especially if they can do it by doing something they already enjoy. You may not believe it, but there are actually ways in which you can make a little extra money by doing something as simple as listening to music. In order to help you find ways to add a little more money to your pockets, we’re going to tell you about eight different websites that will pay you to listen to music.




This website allows you to not only get paid for listening to music, but also to choose the kinds of music you like to listen to. As you listen, you’ll also occasionally receive invitations to share your opinions through surveys and other venues on top of being paid $0.05 to $0.10 per song. You also get paid through PayPal, which adds a layer of safety to the money you make.


While this may seem like a small amount per song, it can quickly add up and make some real additions to your bank account.




This is available both as a website where you can get paid to listen to music as well as an app for your smartphone or other device. Essentially, you listen to both music and ads and get paid for every ten minutes that you listen to. When each ten-minute session is up, there will be a CAPTCHA that you need to enter, which will trigger points to be distributed to your account.


These points equate to about $0.10, and can build up over time. You can use these points to get Visa gift cards and other kinds of prizes.


Slice the Pie


This is a very popular method for those who want to get paid for listening to music. What this requires is listening to at least most of a song, and writing a review on it in order to share your opinion. If you put forth the effort to review songs well, then your rating will go up.


As your rating improves, so will the rate you are paid. For example, you may start off at $0.02 per review, then eventually get high enough in rating to make $0.20 for each review. These small amounts can add up to become a great way to bring in a little extra cash every month.




On the most basic level, FusionCash allows you to make money through listening to music and entering a CAPTCHA every few minutes. This allows the site to know you’re still listening rather than just leaving the music on for hours at a time for the sake of building up money without putting forth any effort.


This site will also give you the option to earn a little extra through surveys, cash offers and referrals, which can be helpful when you’re in need of a little boost.




Through HitPredictor, your job will be to listen to new music and offer feedback based on your opinion of what you hear. For each song you rate, you’ll get points that you can use for gift cards, prizes and chances to win drawings.


If you strive to rate a certain number of songs in a specific time period dictated by the site, then you may be able to get some bonus points too, which is always a great motivator. This is an exciting way to listen to music before it fully comes out in order to earn money and offer up your opinions on what you hear. It’s a great choice for the music buff!




If you’re looking for a site that will offer other ways to make money as well as music, than Earnably can be a great option. On top of the option to listen to music for money, you can also watch videos, take surveys, and complete offers.


All these tasks will add points to your account. The more points you earn, the more bonuses you can get. You can also get options that are better for you in the way of payment. Unlike other sites, you can also cash out from Earnably when you’ve earned as little as $2.00.


Like HitPredictor, offers you the option to get paid for giving your feedback on new songs. At times, you may also be asked to answer survey questions about the songs to provide the most complete information.


You also won’t have to worry about looking for surveys or songs to listen to because once you sign up, you will receive invitations to review things. This can mean that you may end up with fewer tasks than other sites, but it can be a great, relatively passive way to bring in a little more money on a regular basis.


Unique Rewards Radio


One of the benefits of this site is that you only need to enter a CAPTCHA every 30 minutes, rather than after every couple of songs or so. That said, it may also not pay out as much as other options. Depending on where you live, you may receive $0.01 for every CAPTCHA you enter, or you may receive $0.03 if you live in the United States.


Once you’ve reached at least $20.00, you’ll be able to request payment through either a check or PayPal, depending on which option you feel safer using.




While you aren’t likely to get rich on any of the websites listed in this article, it can add a little more money to your pocket. That’s bound to be helpful whether you’re looking for a boost or hoping to add little by little to a small savings. Each of these sites offers relatively easy ways to get money, therefore it won’t take a lot of effort to bring in a little more or even win cool prizes. Once you have a full understanding of the site or sites you choose to use, you’ll be able to pad your bank account regularly with a little extra cash.

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