How to Make Money Off Of Facebook – Monetize Your Social Network

Facebook has been around long enough and is so popular that at least 95% of the people you know have a Facebook account. It is a great way to keep in touch with old friends, brag about your accomplishments, and show off pictures of your kids. However, it is also a great way to earn some extra money, or for some, earn a living. Take Facebook to the next level and use its popularity to your advantage.



Become a Direct Seller



A direct seller works through a company, selling its products. Many companies utilize direct sellers because it’s cheaper than owning a physical store or multiple stores, they often do not have to pay for advertising, and they find that direct sellers are extremely successful at getting products into the hands of customers quickly. The best and most popular way to become successful as a direct seller is to utilize your Facebook account.



If you decide to use your Facebook account to boost your direct sales, start thinking of your account as more of a business than a personal page. Create an appealing profile picture; it doesn’t have to be a professional picture, but it should be appropriate. Avoid using pictures of partying, drinking, or acting too silly. Instead, try either a nice selfie or a picture of you with your family. Ensure that your cover photo is also appropriate, or consider using the company’s logo or slogan as your cover photo. Include your business in the “About” section, with information regarding the products you sell, their benefits, and inviting viewers to contact you for further information. Make it welcoming and friendly.



To create more sales and gain a larger customer base, add friends-of-friends and make your posts public. Be active in your friends’ posts, as well as your own. Reply to comments instead of “liking” and always remain positive and professional. Try to steer clear of being political, voicing extremely strong opinions, or being negative in anyway. Never host a “pity-me” party for yourself. Remember, it is best to no longer think of it as your personal Facebook account; it is your business and everything you post is an advertisement for you and your business.



If you’d like, you also have the options of creating a group or a business page instead of using your personal page. The great thing about a business page is you can pay to boost it, so that it is seen by more people.



If you have not already become a direct seller, there are plenty of companies out there. Find a company that you’ll enjoy; one with products you love and want to share with others.



Some popular companies are:



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Sell Your Goods



There are two ways to sell your goods on Facebook, depending on what kind of goods you are selling. If you have an actual business or you make goods out of your home, you can create a business page. If you are looking to sell items from around your house, using Facebook’s Marketplace is more appropriate.



Business Page



Creating a business page on Facebook is free and so simple that it would be ridiculous to not have one for your business. Facebook is the cheapest, quickest, and best way to reach the largest audience possible. Customers often look up a company’s Facebook page when seeking more information or reviews on the company.



Begin by sharing your page with friends and family, encouraging them to share it as well. You want to gain as many “likes” as possible to the page. You can pay a certain fee on Facebook to advertise your page as well, which will quickly boost your likes and get your business much more traffic. Facebook has some amazing software to ensure that you get your business page to the right customers; ones who will be interested in your business.



Utilize the Call to Action buttons for “Book Now” or “Buy Now”. These buttons give customers a direct link to your online store (if you do not have one, create one easily on Shopify for goods or for services). The buttons are basically a shortcut to get your customers from the Facebook page directly to the page where they’ll be spending money.



Keep your page active and keep your customers active on your page. Post pictures, ask questions, and respond to comments and messages. Engage your customers and use them to help you by starting contests and giveaways. A popular contest to boost likes to your page is to have customers share your photos, then randomly choose a customer who shared the photo to receive a prize.



As always, keep it professional. Especially on a business page, never post anything inappropriate or too personal. It’s okay to show that you’re a family company, but don’t overdo it. Customers will love to see the human behind the computer, but also are not interested in knowing your two-year-old is officially potty-trained.



Some companies hire someone to manage their Facebook account. While this is an option, it is certainly not necessary if you have the time. Facebook has made their business pages extremely user-friendly, while also including great marketing techniques and information. They include demographics that are easy to understand and utilize.






If you’re selling used items, Marketplace is a basically Facebook’s version of Craigslist. It is much easier than holding a garage sale and gives you more control over the prices than taking your goods to a pawn shop.



Start by taking a photo of your item. Try to make sure you have bright or natural lighting when taking the photo. This will help you show the true color of the item and avoid any confusion for buyers. Next, upload the photo to marketplace and fill out the corresponding information. You’ll have a chance to add a price and description of your item. Make sure to be honest. Word spreads fast, especially on Facebook, and dishonest sellers are called out quickly. If you want to be able to sell more items, you’ll need to keep a clean reputation.

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