How to Make Money on My Phone

When I tried to find a job before, I have already exhausted all my resources and found something very helpful. I want to share this strategy with you so you can also generate an income. We should be thankful because mobile phones are created. They are very useful in so many ways and now, they can help us with money-making matters.


At first, my only intention is to kill time using my cell phone. I used to play games installed in it and sometimes, I watch videos, too. I have lots of leisure since I only stayed at home the whole day. Since Google is also handy, I found myself browsing and checking every site that offers a job. Google did not fail me! I didn’t only find one, but a lot more jobs that are best as a side hustle. It’s amazing! I tried each of them and now, I’m enjoying.


Would you believe that you can make money anywhere you go by just using a cell phone? Cool, right? Maybe you’ll also enjoy it like me. So, let’s make use of our time and mobile phone to make money. Here is the list of jobs that will not ask anything from you, but your cooperation (unless they’re from a scamming site)!


Mystery Shopping


Oh, I love shopping so much! I love it more when I started earning by just evaluating how the employees deliver their service to shoppers like me. If I see something strange that is not supposed to be a proper way to treat a customer, I can just pull my phone out and take a picture. Or, I can also take the photo of an item if it’s already expired. We will be using our phone to check the surroundings in the shop, so the business owner knows if his store is abiding by the proper standards. So, should I call myself a watchdog?
Product Review


You can review a product to help other consumers find quality and budget-friendly item. Aside from it, with every review you make, you can also make money. You can review a product you have already used before. Sometimes, the company may also send something to you so you can test it. The company will use the review to develop their product so they can satisfy the consumers even more. It is their way to find improvements so you just need to be honest.


Take Surveys


Some survey sites allow the use of the phone when taking surveys. You just need to sign up and fill out the information in the portal. Once you have completed it, you should wait for the notification if a survey is available for you based on your profile. The only thing I don’t like is they’ll ask you some of the questions again. Then, the survey will automatically stop saying that you don’t match the profile they need. Then, why send me the survey, anyway? They already got my profile when I sign up.


Play Games


Who never want to play mobile games to kill his boredom? Of course, we love it! And the best thing about playing is you can also monetize it. Some sites will give you around $5 bonus when you sign up. Not bad! The task is very easy so don’t expect a to see thousands of dollars in your account. By the way, app developers who created the games need someone to evaluate the game for them. Just provide honest feedback no matter you’ll tell them the drawbacks of that game. They won’t mind because their purpose is to see if the games they develop is user-friendly. Everything should be flawless before they launch it.


Watch videos


You may think this is weird, but actually, killing your time by watching a video incurs money, too! During our leisure, it’s very easy for us to waste our time watching videos online. Now, we cannot call it ‘waste’ because it can provide a source of income. Every time you finish watching the video sent to you, you will accumulate points. You can then choose the kind of reward you want to receive. You can have free stuff or have the money be dropped into your account.


Sell Stuff Online


Now that online stores already have their apps you can install on your phone, you can easily upload the picture of the item we want to sell. You can instantly receive a notification if someone is eager [to buy your product. With this kind of job, you don’t need to have that strong marketing skills. You just need to choose the best online shop that has a good reputation so you people have the trust to buy your item. You can post your stuff to various online stores as long as you can sustain the demand. And also, don’t forget only to choose high-quality items if you want your customers to come back for more.


All these jobs I shared with you don’t need you to have a skill just for you to do them. They’re so easy, right? However, let me also set a proper expectation that most of these will not pay you a significant amount. Maye if you do the selling online, you can have a fair amount of income. Being an online seller is a good start to learn how to be an entrepreneur. Some online shops started from scratch. So, it’s not bad if you learn from small things first.


Some of these jobs will also reward you free stuff aside from giving you cash. Just prepare your Paypal account where the can drop the payment. But always be sure you’re signing up in a legitimate site. It is essential to be cautious since you will need to provide your Paypal email address if that’s the only mode of payment they have. Also, remember not to give away any amount of money or your account number. If they ask for it, maybe it’s time for you to think hundred times before you trust them.

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