How to Make Money on Your Phone

If there is something we cannot forget when we leave our home, it’s our mobile phone. We even remember them most often, but not our keys!


We must admit, our smartphone is already part of our day to day activities. We almost rely our lives on it. We can install our productivity apps, health check, and even get the driving directions. We can stop thinking and let the phone do it for us by just adding notes or reminders to it. What will happen if we entrust even our money-making goals to it?


We are sometimes willing to spend more time playing games on it than doing the household chores. So, instead of wasting too much time without gaining nothing, let us use our phones in our money-making goals. Since most of the prices of our basic needs go up nowadays, let us find means to sustain at least a small percentage of our daily expenses.


Aside from texting or calling, we can make our phones more valuable by making money. Many tasks are designed to be done through the phone. Once you complete one simple work, you can convert it into cash or rewards. This time, we will not only help you earn an income using your phone, but we also want to encourage you to make your time valuable. Here are the simple things you can do to earn.


Play Mobile Games


If we check your check, you probably have various games installed on it. Anyone of us loves to play mobile games to kill time. Besides, it is also addicting. The more exciting is the game, the harder it is to resist. To make use of the time we wasted for long hours, why not play games and get paid? Many companies hire people from different ages and community to play a game and test it. The developers want to make sure the game offers the features that the player would love.


They also need someone to test it if it is working well and easy to navigate. After you evaluate its ease of use, navigation features, theme, characters designs, and quality, you need to provide feedback based on these areas. They will use your data as a reference if they can already launch it to the market. Do not forget to mention if you can see some drawbacks while playing it. In this way, the developers can fix it. They may also ask you to play a pre-existing game so they can update it to make some improvements.


Take Surveys


Many companies want to hear a customer’s feedback about a particular product. It is part of the market research wherein people from different communities will receive a survey asking them few question about the experience they have when they use the product. You need to sign up to join. The company will send you the survey based on your profile.


You may also be asked to compare a product to its competitors. You just need to be honest with every answer you provide so they can use your data to develop the product and make it more useful for the consumers. Just remember, you are helping the company create a beneficial outcome.


Some survey sites will also ask your permission if they can send you a product that is not yet launched in the market. You need to test it to see its benefits and drawbacks. Then, the company will call you asking for your opinion.


Test an App


Your phone may have different apps that you use daily. App developers also need your assistance to test the apps they created. You don’t need to have technical skills to navigate it. You just need to use it and try how well it works. Check if it is useful or if it has the features you need to make it beneficial to you. After you evaluate it, you can freely provide your opinion. The app developers are willing to pay people to do the testing. It is their way to ensure that the app is valuable to the consumers. If you report some problems with using the app, they are going to take action to fix it before they launched in the market.


Make an Online Purchase and Earn Rebates


Most online stores give out rebates every time you purchase an item. The amount of the cashback varies on the amount of the product you bought. It is a right way of earning money especially if you always love to shop.


For you to join these kinds of money-making tasks, you have to sign up to the sites hiring for product testers and reviewers. Make sure not to provide any amount if you sign up. If a prompt asks you to do it, you better look for a different site with a genuine offer to earn. Protect yourself against scammers by being mindful of every step you make.


These jobs are best if you are looking for a side hustle. We do not recommend you to treat it like a regular job because you can only earn a minimal amount from doing these tasks. The reason for it is they are very simple to do. You do not need work experience or an impressive educational background to perform these jobs. You just need to understand the instructions on how to do them.


We also set an expectation that most sites require a minimum amount before you can withdraw the money.  So, make sure you have lots of patience to wait until you reach the limit. Some tasks cost a cent only which means it will take you a lot of time to reach whatever the limit is.


After reading the full list of jobs, you may now say that time is convertible to cash. You can do it using your smartphone. They are best for people who just want to kill their boredom. Or perhaps, for moms who wish to earn extra cash. Also, they are recommendable to students who want to obtain an additional amount for their projects.

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