How To Make Money Without Having A Job – 5 Reasons Why Having A Job Sucks

Let’s not beat around the bush here…


Having a job sucks… BIG TIME 🙁


It’s 5pm.  Lunch break was an hour ago.  You’re standing in front of your office desk, staring at the clock, wondering when it will finally strike 8 and signal that it’s time to run through that door and never look back… until tomorrow


It doesn’t matter where you work, whether it be a department store cashier, a salesman, a truck unloader, a barista, or some regular office job,  If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for a new job.  But that’s not what you really want, is it?  You’re not looking for a job you enjoy, or even a new job at all, but instead an alternative…


You don’t need to be employed to succeed


On any given day, a carousel of each of your co-workers you come in contact with throughout the day, rant to you about how much they hate their job.  They feel trapped because they hate going to work, but the thing is though, If they don’t work, they’ll find it a lot harder to live, and so they have to cope with the love hate relationship that that comes with having a job you despise.  Nevertheless, everyday it’s the same thing.  A snide remark about this or that, comes out of their mouths just as easily and naturally as breathing.


They talk a lot about how it interferes with their lives and then they tell you all the things they’d do if they didn’t have to go to work.  Traveling, starting and running their own business, writing and publishing a well-marketed novel, taking a cruise, moving to another country and living well.


I’ve heard all of these things.  And don’t get me wrong.  These are all good ideas, but… one thing remains about their situation.  They do all this talking, yet they don’t have the proverbial “balls” to do something about it, and make their desires a reality.  And that’s a damned shame.


Only those that take action can get what they really want in life.


You can complain about a bad situation, or talk about something you dream of doing, but don’t waste your time telling anyone about it if you’re too afraid of uncertainty to take a leap and change your situation for the better.  You don’t have to continue to be miserable going to a place that you hate, rain or shine, and spending 8 hours with people you’re not too fond of and doing something that may or may not eventually drive you mad.



I’m not like that at all.  I saw what I wanted and I took action.  My inspiration for never having to apply for another job again was a YouTube vlogger.  He would travel around Europe, Asia, and Latin America, documenting all the interesting things he did.  I felt depressed and trapped in a world that I didn’t like and wanted something more than an endless, repetitive work sleep cycle.


After watching all of those videos, I made a decision.  I promised myself from that moment onward, that I would never work another job again, and that from then on, I would make money for myself and live the life that I want and the way that I want it.


My reasons why having a job sucks


I’ve been working online since 2015.  Before that, I wasted a large portion of my life pursuing an avenue for success that everyone else thought was the normal and correct way to achieve that success.  Like everyone else, I was supposed to go to college and waste money for years, fumbling around until I found my “niche.”  And like everyone else, I was told that I was destined to join the work force, be told how much I would make, and like them, learn to accept whatever was offered to me in life.


This article is not about how to quit your job today.  You should never quit your job without having some replacement income.  I’ll show you what you can do about that further down this post, but before we talk about that, lets go over the 5 reasons why I think working a job you hate, much more a job at all is a big waste.


1.) Other people are in control of your life


I get that structure is required in the workplace.  It is necessary to enforce rules in order to maintain a daily schedule and ensure productivity.  I’ll be honest with you though, I’m not the type that enjoys a structured environment.  I’m creative, and I’m also a free thinker, as many others are.  I work best, and am happiest when I do things on my own time.


When you work for someone else, that is exactly what the relationship is.  You are not the boss.  Every meeting you are told not only where you will be working, but what you will be doing there and for how long.  It doesn’t matter if you’re 16, or 60… at some point along your employment, you will be lectured to like you are a child and told every little detail of what it is that you’re not doing perfectly every chance they get.


You are told when you are allowed to eat, and you’re required to ask for permission to use the restroom…  I don’t know about you, but I hate being told what to do.  I never felt like a “good worker” letting others structure my life.  And after years of earning money this way, I finally called it quits.


2.) Your time is not yours


If you have any day-to-day plans, they’d better be structured around the 8 hours that is your job.   Unless you’ve earned the time to call in sick, you’d better arrive on time whether you’re sick or not.  Does your daughter have a recital? If it’s not absolutely essential, then skip it!  How about a cruise with just you and your wife?  I think you get the Idea.


When you work for yourself, you gain the freedom to plan your entire day for whatever you want to do.  Working for yourself gives you the power to spend more time doing the things you like with the people you care about.   When you’re on someone else’s time,  it always seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day.  You could take an extra day off if you have the time accrued, but it just never seems to be enough.  When you work for yourself, you don’t plan your life around your job.  Instead, you make your income fit nicely around your life.


3.) Money will always be an issue


There’s a saying that Americans live to work.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Americans are actually being kept alive to work!  It’s almost like employers are just keeping you alive with just barely enough resources to get you to spend your time and energy back at work.  You have to realize one thing about having a job… You will never have enough money… ever.


When it’s the 15th of the month and you’re staring down at your bank statement and realizing that you’re going to have to find a way to budget the last $50 in your bank account, then  it’s pretty clear that it’s time to find an alternative way to live.


When you live everyday for a paycheck, and when the most joyful, part of the month is “payday,” then you need to take a look at yourself and realize that there’s a problem.


4.) You will train yourself to accept mediocrity


Like I’ve said before, I’m not the type to thrive in a structured environment with no creative freedom.  When you’re used to having people set rules and boundaries for you, you will soon become dangerously comfortable with mediocrity.  After years in the workforce you become acclimated to wasting your potential and never hope for anything better.


In this society we are taught to laugh at dreamers and tell them to get back to work.  Any goals or dreams you may have had are not only shut down by naysayers, but they are turned down by none other than yourself.  We tell ourselves that those ideas we have are useless and not worth the effort.  As people train their minds to accept the comfort of mediocrity, those ideas slowly become quieter and quieter until they can barely hear them anymore.


5.) You neglect to think outside box/ afraid of change


When you’ve been trained your whole life to work within a schedule and be productive like a good “worker bee,” it’s quite common for most people to accept that this is just the way things are.  You continue to spend your life working and building someone else’s dream until you can’t work anymore.  Most people assume that there just isn’t any other way to live and even if they wanted to take action and pursue their dreams, they either don’t know how, or they just don’t know how to start.


The human brain loves patterns.  It’s probably why it loves music.  People get set in their ways and enjoy the security and comfort that it seemingly provides for them.  Once a person gets set in a routine, even if they wish for a better life, the fear of taking a risk and trying something new can seem daunting.  It can take a lot of mental effort to debate with one’s self on whether or not to pursue something new.  But taking action is never easy, and the first step is always the hardest.


Now here’s that alternative I was talking about…


Stop working jobs and start making passive income online!


It’s time to get rid of the damned “worker bee” mindset and control your own destiny.  There are over 3 billion people online, and with the right tools and training, you can easily capitalize on a portion of that market.  If you have a passion or knowledge of something everyone wants, then put that to good use, start a blog, advertise and review related products and earn money in your sleep.


Imagine waking up at 12 noon, and only having to work till three.  Every single day.  It doesn’t matter where you go, when you make money online, you can take your business with you.  You can even work earlier or later than usual and if you feel like it, take a couple days off.  The point is making money online frees up your life and your time.  Screw the 9-5 and start working for you.  Check out my invitation below and get started today!

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