How to Make Money Writing Articles Online

Making money online is all the rage these days. There’s literally a ton of information available online covering many different kinds of ways that you could make a living with nothing but a laptop and an internet connection. So much information is available that it can actually end up being more than a little bit overwhelming figuring out where exactly you should start.


It seems like everywhere that you look, someone is offering a course that promises to teach you their “best kept secrets for making money online”. It almost feels like there’s a high priced course available for every type of online business you could think of.


E-commerce? There’s a course. Copywriting? There’s a course. Kindle publishing? There’s a course. Affiliate marketing? You guessed it, there’s a course. With so many options available, how are you to know what is the absolute best way to get started making money online?


Before you get too overwhelmed thinking about how to get started, stop and take a deep breath. We’re going to show you a method that you can use today to start making money online fast.


The Absolute Best Method to Start Out Making Money Online


If you’re ready to cut through all of the fluff and you’re serious about starting to make some dollars online, we’ve got the solution for you. The easiest, most straightforward way that you can make a living online is by starting out as a freelance article writer.


That may sound disappointing to some of you who have starry eyed dreams of making hundreds in passive income every single day. The cold hard truth of the matter is that you have to learn to crawl before you walk though. Passive income is indeed possible — but it takes anything but a passive effort to obtain it.


Instead of relying on passively generating cash via the internet, your best bet to get going is to start out writing articles. It requires no overhead to get started and it only takes a few minutes to create a profile on one of the more popular freelancing sites. The only thing required of you is your sweat equity.


It’s not free money and it definitely will require quite a bit of work upfront, especially in the early going as you try and get yourself established. But it can quickly turn into a source of full-time income once the ball is rolling if you are persistent enough and possess even an average amount of writing talent. Every day there’s thousands of writing jobs posted online that clients are seeking freelancers for. It’s entirely possible to get your foot in the door with some solid companies that need ongoing work on within a reasonably quick time frame.


How to Get Started With Writing Articles


If you want to make money online by writing articles, your best bet in the early stages will be to sign up for one of the two main freelancing websites, Upwork or Fiverr. We highly recommend choosing one and sticking with it, at least in the beginning. Simply head over to either site, create a profile, fill out your profile as best you can (aim for as close to 100% profile completion as you possibly can), and start looking for online gigs. It really is that easy.


The reason that we recommend only choosing one platform to begin with is that each of the sites operate in very different ways. It’s a lot easier to just learn one new platform and give that 100% than it is to split your efforts across two platforms. However, in the end it’s entirely up to you. If you feel you can handle learning both platforms at the same time, by all means go ahead. Go with whatever you feel most comfortable with and with whatever option you think will give you the best chance of success.


For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on Upwork, as we feel it’s a bit easier to get established on that platform as you are able to bid for jobs that interest you. This is much easier as a novice than setting up gig services to sell on Fiverr and waiting for clients to come to you.


How to Use Upwork


After you are all set with your registration complete and profile all filled out, you’ll be ready to start applying for work on Upwork. Simply navigate over to the “Find Work” option near the top left of your screen, and click the identical option from the drop down menu.


During the registration process, you were probably already asked to select a few categories to specialize in. You should obviously have selected things like “Web Content” and “Article & Blog Writing”. Either way, you’ll be able to go in and change the filters to search for whatever category you’d like.


You are then able to browse through various jobs posted, and if you see one that you think you’d be a good match for, you are free to apply. Upwork gives you something called “Connects” at a rate of 60 per month. When you apply for a job, it generally uses up 2 connects.


Before you apply for the job posting, be sure to read every word carefully. Often times clients will ask you to include a specific code phrase they include in the posting — this is done to weed out spammers and people who send copy and paste applications en masse.


All you have to do is write the best cover letter you can come up with, answer any specific questions that the posting asks, and send it off to wait for a reply. If you’re selected for an interview and you both come to terms you agree with, you’ll be hired for your first gig! Congrats!


The majority of the time, your clients will give you an outline, or sample, or whatever else you may need to succeed with the task. Afterwards, it’s all on you to write up the best 500, 1000, or whatever word count article you can. Once complete, submit your work, and be sure to request that the client leaves you some valuable five star feedback on your profile if they are completely satisfied with your work.


It’s really as easy as that to get going making money online. Too many people simply overthink things and make them far more complicated than they really are. If you follow the basic instructions listed in this article and actually take action, you can potentially earn your first $5, $10, or even $20 online today!

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