How To Make Money Writing – How Creativity Can Pay Off

Why Work Online?


The online job market is larger than ever, and it has all but taken over the creative arts side of the economy. Whether you think this is a good thing or not, it is a fact, and if you want to be a writer or editor in particular you need to be willing to work online.


Even if you are resistant to jobs in which you have never met your client or employer, and even if you prefer traditional employment, there are good reasons to want to work online. First of all — and this is maybe the most obvious — the work itself is flexible. You can work from anywhere you want, take a day off if you like, work as many or as few hours as you like (and work them whenever it suits you), have time for other things that are important to you, and vacation on demand. There is no hands-on manager for this type of work, and you will not be told to be at the office at 9 am sharp.


Second, there is real freedom in working online, particularly if you’re a freelancer. Even if you have established yourself as a permanent writer for some company, you can always change jobs, and you are never tied completely to one career track. You are not tracked and monitored closely, you get to make your own schedule. In short, you are always your own boss, which is a huge boon.


Third, the work is never stagnant, never the same. If you work for multiple freelance clients, and are constantly finding new ones, then the work will forever be changing. You will not be bored by your work, as even if you have to spend a week writing something you don’t enjoy you know there will be something better coming up soon. The most insipid writing is made to glimmer when it is fleeting, and this kind of change and movement in your job will give you the kind of excitable energy you never knew you had. Even if you work consistently and permanently for one company, firm, or individual, it is likely that your writing work will be different from day to day and week to week. This keeps things interesting, and makes your career feel more like a hobby that you love and less like a job that you have to do.


Why Be A Writer?


Being a writer is one of those rare things in life. It is both useful and creative, both technical and artistic. If you are a qualified professional with training in writing, then you know how precise writing needs to be; but if you are accustomed to fine writing in the prose and poetry of great literary writers, then you know how wildly creative, artistic, and passion-filled writing is. It is as powerful and joyful and deep as music, but it both requires the technical skill of mathematics and serves some very practical purposes in the world. Everyone needs things written, but not everyone (in fact, very few people) can write effectively, which means that your work is important and valued. Even if what you write feels removed from the haughty literature you studied in grad school, there is something that connects all good writing together — the joy of words and the power of communication.


The Joy Of Words


Words, all of them, all of the time, are beautiful. They are each like different colors, set next to other colors, and other shades and hues of the same color, painting a picture ceaselessly that grows with each moment we speak and write. If you are a lover of language, literature, and conversation, then you know how important and powerful language is. Wouldn’t it be sublime to — for a living — manipulate and put to use those beautiful colors? In the end, that is all writers do, and online writing is no different.


How To Find Writing Jobs


If you are a qualified writer, then you may have already tried making it your profession; or else you have thought about it and concluded that you would not be able to find the work you need to make a living. But if you know where to look and how to apply, you can find the work. It is there, and there are never enough good writers to write it all. Particularly in the online industry, where every new website owner needs to produce hundreds of pages of content each year for ad revenue, there is always work available. There are also corners of the writing market, such as business writing and romantic fiction writing, that are so large that they can sustain thousands of new writers entering the market each year. All it takes is to find your niche, or niches, and take the plunge.


Building Your Name


One of the first things you will want to do is promote yourself. When you begin, you will need to take relatively small jobs to gain experience and build a resume (and portfolio), and you will need to get your name out there and build a sense of who you are as a writer. What are your strengths? What are you most qualified to write? What do you most want to write? What have you already done that makes you a good fit for certain markets? As you gain experience, especially in the beginning, this will change, and you will learn the way these markets work and how to fit yourself into them. But you should never stop defining yourself. Just like anything else online, fitting yourself into a niche market is almost always the way to go.

How To Be An Online Writer


There is no trick to it all — you need to start from the bottom and work your way up. Consider freelancing at first, maybe using one of the freelance sites such as Upwork, and work toward eventually either working full time for some employer or publishing your own work (which is riskier but sometimes fruitful). In the end, if you are good and you are willing to work the hours, you will find the work and you will make a living. There are plenty of opportunities for writers online, you just need to seize them.

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