How to Sell Art Online and Make Money (2D & 3D)

It’s a nice way to find means to generate money for yourself rather than asking from your parents. It’s also good to make use of your talent and monetize it. You will not only inspire people through your skill, but you can also buy things you want for yourself if you start earning.


Do you have a passion for art? Does it come naturally from your well-being? You’re in the right spot! Here, we would like to share you easy-to-follow steps on how to sell art online. Since we are in the modern world and everything is almost the product of technology, we will be using 2D and 3D to promote your craft.


Let us first introduce the difference between the two so you know which is easier for you to do. It is perfect if you can have both.


2D Art


Also called 2-dimensional art, the piece of art only possesses the length and width, but it has no depth. Some of the examples where 2D is mostly applied are paintings, prints, oil paints, and drawings. The elements of these items are laid on a flat surface.


3D Art


In 3D art or 3-dimensional art, the piece of art possesses either geometric or organic components. It is also noticeable among other kinds of art pieces because it makes up a volume and mass. Therefore, the item looks like a real thing. Some examples are sculptures, decorative piece, and installation. Even some of the movies we watch nowadays use 3D technology.


How to Sell Your Art Online


Many art collectors love to collect particular things that possess uniqueness. With the advancement of the technology, it is not impossible to reach these people. There are some ways to do it.


Social Media


We have many social media platforms and we can use them to generate an income. It’s also the best means for a startup who can’t afford to build their own website. It’s free to sign up and don’t even have turnarounds. Simply post your items on the social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There are more channels aside from these suggestions but as a startup, you need first to focus on these three that is mostly used by millions of people.


To post a photo, choose something that is clear for the audience to see. If you need to edit it to make it look clearer, you may do so.


If you know how hashtags work, it can also help you boost your online visibility. The more followers you have, the higher is the chance for people to be attracted to your designs. Make sure the photo of your art looks good and inviting so more people will be interested in it.


Online Shops


Online shops like Amazon, eBay, and many large stores online accept goods for sale. You just need to comply with their requirements like the picture of your item with an accurate description of it. You just need to upload the photo on their site and they’ll do the selling task for you. It is the best way to make money while sleeping. You’ll just wake up in the morning and check who’s interested in buying. The online shop will do the majority of the effort to sell your product while you stay at home and ‘make more crafts to meet the demand.


Create a Website


If you don’t have an idea on how to create one, you can watch a video tutorial so you can learn it. We also have different website builders where you need to pay monthly to maintain the site. But if you don’t have enough time to do it, you can just hire a pro. However, you need to prepare to pay him money. Therefore, you need to invest whether you want to build your own website or ask someone to do it for you.


But if you already have one, you can promote your items in your site. Display the photo of your items in an organized manner so people can see them clearly. Include the proper description of an object. Make it easy for your target customers to navigate through the page while they select some items. You also need to take care of the shipping. Talk to the shipping company and make sure they’ll take care of your item.


Upload to YouTube


The good side of uploading your item to YouTube is you can clearly show its beauty to the public. Introduce them to the public by making the video interesting so you can gain more audience. At the end of your clip, highlight the call to action to invite people to subscribe and buy your item. Give them instructions on how to purchase.


Online Shops that Sell Crafts


There are many sites online that sell different crafts and arts. With this method, you don’t have to invest to create your website. They need the photo of your artwork and they will manage the selling task. Make sure you deal with the site owner properly. Clarify the terms and agreement to ensure your crafts selling process is flawless. Some of them have a condition wherein they will receive a commission with every item they sold. Some also require a contract while others don’t. Tackle every single thing during the deal so you know your items are in good hands and you can make a profit as well.


Do you already have an idea which method to use? Whether you choose 2D or 3D technology, there is a reserved spot online for your art as long as you create more to generate a decent income.


You can do a lot of things on the internet. Whatever service or product you offer, there is a sure way to sell them in a straightforward manner. As long as you are confident that your arts could wake an interest, never stop promoting them. If crafting arts is your hobby, you can also share it with other people whose hobby is to collect them.

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