How to Write Online Reviews for Money

It seems like everybody wants to make a living from the internet these days. And who can blame them? There’s definitely something to be said for being able to work from home, control your own hours, avoid the commute to and from work, and all of the other perks that come along with working online. It does indeed sound like a dream job.


The only problem is that for anyone who is new to the world of making money online, there is just SO much information out there. Just by doing a quick Google search on “how to make money online” produces an overwhelming number of results. And quite frankly, a large amount of those results are full of nonsense information.


It can all be very confusing for a novice looking to learn the ropes of making an online income. Lucky for you, we’re here to help you out and show you an excellent way you could get started.


Introduction to Affiliate Marketing


Have you ever heard the term ‘affiliate marketing’? Essentially, what it means is that you become an affiliate for somebody else’s product or service, and you then recommend that product or service to other people. If you can send a new customer over and they end making a sale, you will get a percentage of the money earned.


Simple enough, right?


On the surface, it does indeed sound fairly simple. Unfortunately, like with most things, the reality is a bit more complicated.


There’s quite a lot of depth involved with affiliate marketing. There’s a lot to learn, with terms like CPC, conversion rates, landing pages, and the like being thrown around by people in the industry.


The bright side of it all is that affiliate marketing can be extremely profitable. Once you get past the steep learning curve, you can easily find yourself making several thousands of dollars each and every month.


If you’re reading this far into this article though, we will assume that you are indeed a beginner and you’re looking to learn the basics of all of this.


With that in mind, the easiest way for someone to get started with affiliate marketing is probably by creating a niche site.


Introduction to Niche Sites


Put simply, a niche site is a website built with a specific focus on one particular subject. Examples could include model airplanes, kitchen appliances, swimming pools — pretty much anything goes.


Once you have chosen your niche, you will then either write content for the site or outsource this part to online freelancers. If it’s your first niche site, it’s recommended you handle the content yourself so you will learn more about the whole process.


So what do you write for content? And how do you make money from it?


What you’re going to do is look for specific products related to your niche. Amazon has a great affiliate program known as Amazon Affiliates and it’s perfect for people getting started with product recommendations.


So you would sign up through an affiliate program like Amazon or Clickbank and choose your products to sell. You will receive an affiliate link for each product that you are then able to use on your niche site.


The next step is to write reviews for each of these products that prove to your readers why they would benefit from using said product. Insert your affiliate link into the article, and if you’ve written a solid review that encourages the customer to buy, hopefully they will click the link.


Once somebody uses your affiliate link, you will receive credit for anything they purchase from Amazon for the next 24 hours. It might not even be the product that you recommend that you end up getting credit for due to this.


Whatever they purchase, you will receive a percentage of. Every affiliate program offers their own payout rates. Amazon is usually a low amount, around 4%, while other programs offer as much as 50% per referral!As you can see, there’s quite a lot of money making potential involved here. So, in order to ensure that as many readers as possible are following your links, you need to make sure that the reviews you write are on point.


How to Write a Good Product Review


When you approach your product reviews, there are two common styles used the most. The first style is going in depth with a specific product, while the second is doing a side-by-side product comparison or ranking list. Both methods are effective, and it’s often a good idea to use each of them on your niche site.


As far as convincing readers to buy, you’re going to have to learn the fine art of sales if you want to truly make a living out of affiliate marketing. What this means is that you really have to convince the reader that this is the right product for their needs.


Remember — most readers on a niche site are actively seeking information on a specific product. People don’t just end up on websites selling things like blenders by accident.


The first thing to keep in mind when writing your product review then becomes features over benefits. This is absolutely essential when it comes to selling anything.


Don’t just list off all of the features that a product has. Tell the reader how each feature will make their lives easier. What’s in it for them? People are selfish by nature, appeal to that side of them.


The second thing to keep in mind is to be objective. Inform the reader of both the pros AND cons of the products. Let them decide for themselves if the pros outweigh the cons.


The third point, and one of the most obvious ones if you want to get paid, is to make sure you add your affiliate links into the product review!


If you’ve done your job and summarized the product with all of the pros and cons, while highlighting the benefits that come along with it, the reader will hopefully follow your link and make a purchase.




As with anything, practice makes perfect. Your first couple of product reviews probably won’t be the best sales pitches in existence for your particular product. However, invest the time in getting better and constantly improving. Study copywriting a bit. Keep working at it. Eventually you’ll be able to crank out quality product reviews like it was second nature. When you get to this point, you’ll be well on your way to making good money online.

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