I Need to Make Money Now – How to Make Money Online Today

In this day and age, we believe there’s no reason for anybody to not at least consider starting up their own online business. In the entirety of human history, it’s never been easier or more accessible for anyone to start a business.


Thanks to the internet, it’s possible to learn about any subject that you may be interested in, and you can reach customers all over the globe easily. It’s completely possible for anyone to make a LOT of money with nothing but a laptop and a wifi connection.


Anyone Can Make Money With An Online Business


It doesn’t matter who you are when it comes to starting an internet business. Young or old; rich or poor; educated or high school dropout; everyone has the capability to make money online. Here are two of the best business models for starting an online business of your own:


1.) Affiliate Marketing


Think back to the last product that you bought. Did it make your life easier somehow? Would you recommend the product to your family and friends? What if you could make money by doing exactly that?


That’s affiliate marketing in a nutshell. By setting up a website focused on promoting products or services, you are able to make a commission from every sale that you make. It’s an excellent business model for developing streams of passive income.


There’s many internet marketers out there making an absolute killing with affiliate websites. The only downside is that they can take a little while to pick up steam and start making you enough money to live off. This doesn’t exactly make them ideal for anyone who needs to make money fast.


2.) Ecommerce


Ecommerce is another online business model that has the potential to earn huge profits. Whether you are selling your own products, private labelling existing products from China and selling them on Amazon, or even dropshipping products for a manufacturer — all of these options can make you a lot of money.


It’s incredibly easy to get started with your own ecommerce store as well. Online platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce make it simple to setup your online store and there are many online directories of dropship friendly products out there if you don’t want to carry your own product line.


In 2016, ecommerce accounted for about 11% of total retail sales all over the world. Considering that total retail sales in 2016 were estimated to be around $22 trillion, even 11% of that is quite a significant chunk of change.


Those numbers are expected to keep growing with each year that passes as well, making ecommerce an extremely viable business model to get involved in. Much like affiliate marketing though, it can take a little bit of time to get the ball rolling with an online store. So as great of an option as it might be, it’s also not ideal for anyone who needs to start making money as soon as possible.


How Can You Make Money Today?


The two options we listed above are fantastic ways to make a living online. However, as we mentioned, they both take a bit of time to get established and really start making some money. If you are nearly broke and you need to find a way to make money online as fast as possible, they’re not great options for you to consider.


However, there is one method in particular that you could use starting today that will enable you to start making some money. It’s actually one of the best ways for anyone to get their foot in the door with making money online. What method are we referring to?




Doing freelance work online is a fantastic way to start getting paid quickly. Unlike options like affiliate marketing or ecommerce which require a fair amount of work upfront before you ever see a dime, freelancing is incredibly straightforward. You do the work, you get paid for the work.


If you’re wondering how to get started with freelancing, or what exactly you could offer as a freelancing service, don’t sweat it. Many people never even get started thanks to the fact that they overcomplicate things that are quite simple in reality.


Think about some skills that you possess. Are you good with graphic design? Web development? Accounting? There are freelance jobs available for each of those. Even if you don’t know any specific technical skills, you could start out easily enough by doing writing or customer service gigs. There are tons of jobs posted in each of those options on a daily basis. You’re sure to find something that you’d be qualified for.


Many people actually take up freelancing as a side gig to make some extra money on the side and it ends up becoming a full-time career for them once it really takes off. Others use it as a means to cover their expenses while they work on a more lucrative online business venture.


If you’re looking to make money online as fast as possible, freelancing is absolutely the best way to do so. You can land your first gig, complete it, and get paid all within a single afternoon with a bit of hustle.

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