Legit Online Jobs that Pay Daily

You may wonder if there are legit online jobs where you can get paid daily. Of course, there are! The Internet is a one-stop-shop if you would like to find something that’ll help you generate an income. It has extensive selections of jobs for people who may or may not have the skills and work experiences.


These kinds of jobs are scattered all throughout the internet. However, there are only a few of them that are genuine. Because of the perseverance of too many people to earn money, they sometimes get hooked by the scammers who promised a significant amount of income by just doing a simple task. You have to be very careful in selecting the site and ensure that it is reputable based on the feedback provided by people who previously worked for them.


Since there are a lot of choices, we compiled the kinds of jobs that are best for side hustlers. They are very simple and easy to do. They do not even require lots of requirements or qualifications for you to get started. All you need to have is patience and effort to complete them so you will get paid.


There are few expectations we want to set before you browse through the list we’ll share you.

  • Most of these jobs are easy and very simple to do so don’t expect that you will earn much. You can just consider them as your side hustle and not as a primary source of income.
  • Most of the time, the sites require a maintaining balance or minimum amount before you can withdraw the payment. Once you can see that the site already generated a certain amount in your account, you have to wait until you can reach their required limitation before you get your money. Therefore, you have to work hard to achieve their limit.

You can apply for as many jobs as you want as long as you can perform your duties on time. Now, we don’t want you to keep waiting. Here is the list!




Search engines like Google and Bing are just two of the best tools when you do research. Now, you can already make money through finding a piece of information your client wants you to do. You may be asked to look for contact information and record them on a sheet. The payment depends on the volume of the tasks you have completed.


Taking a Survey


Taking a survey is the easiest thing to do. Once you sign up, you need to fill out the form with your information such as your lifestyle, health, and household members. They will use this to match your profile to the survey suitable for you. You will then receive a notification via email or text if there is available survey matching your profile. The payment usually depends on the estimated amount of time to finish the survey. If you have completed it, you will see that certain amount has been added to your account instantly.


The job seems easy to do however, we have seen a drawback here. Though you had already provided your information when you signed up, the survey will still ask for further details. Some of their questions are still the same. Even if you are already in the middle of finishing the survey, you may still be kicked out if your answers do not match what they need. Some sites may still pay you a minimal amount, but the others would give you nothing.


Website Testing


You will be asked to navigate freely through the website to check its functionality or if it can handle high traffic. You may be asked to try this on the computer and mobile phone. Certain websites are created to be mobile-friendly. So, the web creators need to make sure their site achieved this functionality. It is their way to know if there are some things they need to polish before they launch the website. Companies prefer to hire other people to do the testing to see if the site is user-friendly as well.


Consumer Research


You will be tasked to conduct a survey over the phone. You will need to call the consumers and ask for their opinion about their experience when they use the product. You may also need to get the consumer’s voice if what kind of product they prefer to use. He, you have to gather the record for the companies to create a statistics report.


Pay Per Click


Pay per click is one of the internet marketing strategy used by advertisers. You can earn money effortlessly by just clicking the ads you can see on a website.


Listen to and Review Music


If you are fond of listening to the music, this kind of job is suitable for you. You will be asked to attend to music and after that, you have to provide a quality review about it. With every review you make you can earn about a dollar. This amount is not bad if you need to save money for an item you want to buy for yourself.


Online Gaming


If you love playing video or mobile games, this could be an easier task for you. You just need to play the game you need to install on your mobile or computer. While playing, you can notice the functionality of the app if it is working well. You also need to check if it is simple to navigate. Once you have finished the task, you have to provide your opinion on how well the game works.


All of these jobs may not give you a higher income, but they can still help you with your other finances. Be mindful of the terms stated on the site so you are aware of their policies. You also need to evaluate if the payment terms they have is convenient or suitable for you. In this way, you don’t have to expect for more than what they can give.

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