Make Money $100 a day with Paypal

Have you tried to use Paypal? It is the online payment system most businesses and freelancers use to send and receive money, respectively. It is more convenient to use because you don’t have to go anywhere to send or request for payment but through online only. It is also the best alternative to different payment systems like wire transfer or money order.


What You Need to Have a Paypal


For you to have a Paypal account, you need to have a valid credit or debit card. You just need to sign up on the Paypal’s website and put in your personal information. You will need to enter your credit card number, its expiration date, and code at the back of your card. Since online is not so safe nowadays, you need to make sure that you only login to the legitimate site of Paypal. It is imperative to be mindful while registering your bank account details to prevent yourself from being a victim of fraud or scams.


You also need a working email address to register. Paypal is going to send you notifications on your email regarding the transactions made through your account so everything is transparent to you.


How to Make Money


Now, for you to make use of your new set up Paypal account, you also need to earn so you can put some money on it. Here are the different ways to earn about 100 dollars a day directly paid through Paypal.




Most online workers started as freelancers. If you have a gifted talent in writing, you can certainly make money through it. You can even earn more if you can accept as many writing gigs as you can and if your time permits you. Maybe you know some of the names of bloggers online. They also started as a freelancer. They accept different kinds of jobs until they became stable now.


You can write an eBook and sell them as well. Some eBooks we found online cost $25. So, if you can sell 4 to 5 items a day, then you can already make a hundred or more. You can also be a blogger. Professional bloggers find a career in writing and now you can see their names in many websites teaching people how to blog.


Make a Video Tutorial/Webinar


People usually watch videos if they need to learn to cook, create DIY projects, share their knowledge on how to start a business, and teach other people how to navigate Word and Excel. There are a lot more to share if you take your time creating a video and show off your talents. You can also become a consultant by creating a webinar. If your video goes viral, it means people love it. Then, make a call to action before you end the video so people can subscribe to learn more.


Online Tutor


If you think you have knowledge in many subjects, you can teach many people as well. Most of the time, they just rely on the internet if they want to learn about anything. Take this opportunity to teach them so you can generate an income. Commonly, tutorial companies offer an hourly rate. If you can work full time, just compute how much you can gain every day.


Aside from kids, people in business also need a tutor. They want to communicate efficiently since they need to talk to a lot of business investors in their normal living. So, if you have a good command of English, you can be an online tutor. Teach them and you’ll earn.




Many companies, big or small, need a bookkeeper you have to be highly organized if you want to be an efficient employee. Aside from it, they need a reliable one to do the simple and complicated tasks for them. If you know how to file taxes, create reports, and document financial and business transactions, being a bookkeeper suits you. You have to be attentive to every single detail in the documents so you can deliver a flawless service.


Web design


Some businesses prefer to hire a professional to create a website for them so the customer can easily find them online. However, what restricts them to do this is they don’t have the skill to do it. Or if they do, they also don’t have the time. Instead of hiring someone to work for them regularly and stay in the office, they choose people who can work remotely. So, you can take advantage of this opportunity if you have skills in web building.


App developer


You can create an app that captures the interest of many mobile and internet users. The most common apps most people love to download are productivity apps, gaming, and project management apps. If many people find your app useful, they will download it and that will give you money. We have noticed that high-quality apps have monthly fees.


If you create one and charge a user a monthly fee, you already gain an income effortlessly. You only created the app once but you continuously earn a profit. Maybe the only effort you have to make to ensure that customers will stay loyal to use it is to update it regularly to make sure it works efficiently.


Most people consider these jobs as their career. Just imagine yourself sitting on your couch and doing the job based on your availability. You can have unlimited income without wasting your time traveling to the office every day. While you work, you are also waiting for every 100 dollars to go into your Paypal account. You will become more fruitful in no time.


If you think these jobs we recommend you will give you a career and financial security, don’t hesitate to start hunting for them now. Just make sure you do your job efficiently so you will have a long-term career in the online industry. Many people including bloggers, web designers, consultants, and app developer who stayed in the industry and build a good reputation. You can be one of them if you believe in your skills and find a way to develop it!

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