Make Money Listening to Music

If you love to listen to music or can’t live without it in a day, you can actually make money through it. You wonder how it will happen but it’s not impossible. We can almost do anything online. The Internet is not just for small or large businesses. It is also for people who want to generate an income in a small way.


You may think listening to music is just for people who make it as a hobby if they just want to kill their boredom during their extra time. Thanks to the legitimate sites that offer jobs so people can make their time useful. We just need to browse through the internet so we can find them.


It is also free to sign up. No requirements and no turnarounds. You don’t even need a skill to the task. The sites will not even ask for your educational background or work experience. They also don’t need someone who can sing or play an instrument. All you have to do is to listen and evaluate if it is good for the ears. It means that anyone can do the task including teens who just want to save some extras if their allowance is not enough for their school expenses.


How Much Can You Make?


Let us be realistic! It will not actually give you thousands of dollars just to listen to the music. The task is so simple and effortless! The only thing that is maybe hard to do is to look for a genuine site that will not scam you. But of course, you can avoid it if you are mindful of your acts on the internet.


Always remember you don’t have to invest your money to have these jobs. You don’t even need to provide your bank account information. These scammers often disguise as good Samaritans. They will tempt you with a significant amount of payment which is not true. If you are more realistic, you can avoid this problem.


If you regularly listen to the music, most probably you already have a favorite genre. You can enjoy listening to your favorite types of songs through this job. Take note, it is for free! Unlike other music apps where you need to subscribe and make a monthly payment just for you to access your favorite songs. This time, the music industry will be the one to pay you.


It is easy to earn an income by just following these common steps required by many sites who hire someone to listen to music.


What Information is Required?


It is free to sign up to be a member. You need to fill out the portal asking for some details like your age, gender, music preference, favorite artist, and many more. It is your chance to include your favorites in the list so you can listen to them for free.


The site will store this information in their database. People behind the industry will also use this to identify your taste in music. It is also to ensure that they will send you the kind of music that you will enjoy.


After you sign up, you will see a list of songs recommended for you based on your profile. Some of those tracks will be assigned to you. You may choose whichever of them to play first. Since many people also join in the site, there are times that there is no available music to listen. So, you have to wait until something is added to the list.


To ensure there lots of options for you, some sites will also ask for the apps you use to listen to the music. They will track these apps so they know the kinds of music you often play. They will be informed about your usage of music.


By the time you sign up, you are required to provide your email address. It is because you will receive a notification from the site if a new song is available for you. Then, you can instantly listen to it and complete the entire song. There are times that you may be asked to install a music app so they can track your usage through it.


Additional Tasks Required


Some sites may also need your review or comment about the music. They will ask you to rate the song depending on how it satisfies you. Reviews are very essential so other people will know if spending time to listen to it is worth it. Your comment should be about its quality to give the site an idea if they are producing high-quality music.


Most of the people who want your feedback are the musical artists. They want to make sure that the massive listeners will enjoy their music. Listening to one song will only take few minutes for you to finish it. So, it will not take most of your time just to do the task.


You can do the job while cleaning, doing a craft, or if you are in the middle of the traffic. In this way, you are still making use of your time than just sitting and focusing on listening alone. Every time you complete one song, you will incur points that you can redeem for cash, freebies, music tracks, and other items.


Expect that you can only earn a cent or two per song. There is also a minimum amount you should incur before you can withdraw the payment. So, you have to wait for the points to reach the minimum level.




If you are looking for a regular income as an alternative to your regular work in the office or anywhere, we do not recommend you to focus on listening to music to monetize. You still need to look for other ways to generate an income if you need something to sustain your daily finances.


We mentioned earlier that there are also lots of members on a site and there are times that music is unavailable. The members are chosen in random and the music is distributed to the queue.

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