Make Money Playing Games Online

Are you an online game enthusiast? Do you often play games using your mobile phone or computer? If so, you can absolutely make money through it in a legitimate way.


How It Works


Many gaming apps developers and companies create a game which you can play online. They want to make sure that the app works well before they launch it in public. They also make some developments to improve an existing app. These developers ensure that the game they develop will give an excellent gaming experience to the users. Therefore, they have to test its efficiency to achieve these goals.


One of the best ways for them to know if it works well is to hire people who can test it for them. Though they can do the task, they still prefer consumers to try it personally. They want to know what the most consumers love to play. A consumer should provide honest feedback. In this way, the developer will know the things he needs to fix to make the app better.


Therefore, a consumer should provide a review of the gaming app. It is based on the user experience, features, ease of navigation, screen resolution, and character used in the game. People may also rate the game based on their opinion if they want to develop it even better. They can also provide the drawbacks of the game in their review so the developer can find a way to improve it. You just need to be careful when dealing with the other sites that offer cash by just playing a game to review it.


Depending on the kind of app, the user may be asked to play the game using a computer and an Android device. Some video games are intended for mobile phones only, some through computers, while the others can be played on many kinds of devices. The gamer should try each of the gadgets and evaluate if how the app works in different types of devices.


What to Expect


Being a gamer doesn’t give you a higher income. But if you are enjoying what you’re doing and you are also making your time valuable, this kind of job will not be an issue. Since you will only be doing an easy task, you shouldn’t expect this job to support your daily finances. Also, since you will just play the game assigned to you, you cannot choose the type that you enjoy most.


Other Ways to earn through Gaming


Some kinds of games like Counter-Strike offers gold and items farming. You have to win the game and earn points. You halve to collect about $300,000 gold in the game which you can convert into $100. Not bad after all since you are just making most of your extra time valuable. It is better to sit on a couch and play while earning than gain nothing.


Write an eBook of Game Walkthroughs


If you are a regular player f a specific game, you may already know the process of how it works. It is also better if you also have the skill to write an eBook. Through it, you can write the basics of the game and guides on how to win. It is a sort of cheat sheet. You can then sell the eBook for $10 to $20. You should look for a better place to promote your product. One of the best places we can recommend is Amazon.


Create a Video Tutorial


You can create a video tutorial and upload it to YouTube. It is a plus factor if you know a lot of games. You can teach other gamers the perfect strategies to gain the victory. The more interesting is your video, the higher is the chance to get traffic and more viewers. Show the step-by-step guide on video as well as the techniques [to earn more points.


If you have many viewers, you can also get a lot of advertisement royalties. It is a bonus factor if you can even earn through the ads. Make sure your video is exciting and fun. No one will watch you if you show a boring content. As a call to action, you can ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel. Another technique is to search for newest games that just arrive in the market. Play it and learn how it works, so you will be the first one to guide other players on how to play it. In this way, you have a fresh content every time your subscribers visit your channel. Keep them updated on the new happenings in the game.


Sell your characters in auctions


If you get bored in playing the game and you want to try something new, you can sell your characters to your co-players. Some games will reward you every time you step up to the next level. One of these bonuses is to build up your character. Therefore, you have to make an effort to win every level to upgrade your character. In the gaming world, you can trade it in the Player Auction. The higher the bid of the players just to obtain your character, the higher is your income as well.


Join the tournaments


Large games like DOTA offers thousands of dollars just for you to compete with other players. Most probably, this is one of the highest paying games in the history. Recently, it offers $250,000 as a cash prize [to win the tournament. It is the most famous game and players from different countries compete for the cash prize.


These are just a few of the methods on how to make money through video games. It may not instantly give you enough profit to pay your bills and sustain your daily finances, but you can at least make your time more valuable than plainly sitting without nothing to gain. Of course, you still have to do other work for you to earn money. Do not just depend on this if you want to find a real career.

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