Make Money Posting Ads for Companies

As you browse all over the internet, have you notice that there are ads anywhere? Aside from the advertising companies who made those ads, you can also make money through them!


Businesses are willing to pay to expand their products to many sites so they’ll gain more consumers. To do this one, they need people to post their ads anywhere so their customers can see it. You can post on YouTube, blogging sites, and social media platforms. It is why you have noticed the web is ‘already full of advertisement. You even get interrupted while watching a video on YouTube because an ad pops up. Businesses do it to increase their visibility on the internet.


Clicking ads is also a way for you to help businesses grow their brands. If people click it, they can check if the product is suitable for them. If they do, they can purchase the item. If the ads show up on the site they are visiting, it will give them an idea to buy the product if they are interested.


What are the Requirements to Join


To join in the site, you do not have to be skillful or tech-savvy because the task is very easy. The site will not even ask for your educational background because you don’t have to exhaust the ideas you learn from school just to do the task. You don’t have to provide your work experience as well. The advertising company ‘is not looking for an impressive background. All they need is your dedication to do this simple task to help them. Only provide the necessary information they will ask you when you sign up.


Things to Watch Out  


How to determine if the site offering a paid to click is not a scam? Let us be realistic. There is no shortcut to making real money. The world of internet has more beneficial things to share, but it also has negative to give if you are not cautious. So here are the keys you have to remember:


If you are asked to click those ads and you get routed to a page asking you to purchase a product to get a reward, you need to think twice before making the next move. Sometimes, you will also get a prompt that you need to pay a specific fee to get full access to the page. You should not pay for anything just for you to be a member.


You will then receive a prompt giving you instructions on how to post the ads to other pages. You will be informed if someone clicked the ad you posted, you will instantly earn points convertible to cash or freebies. So, other people will click the ads and they will do the same procedure. But, you didn’t receive anything when you check your account!


And the most incredible thing that happens is you allow yourself to be an instrument to scam other people as well! Therefore, be cautious with every move you have to make. You don’t want to be tracked by the law enforcement and get accused of being a scammer, right?


Also, you have to remember that no fool is going to pay you hundreds of bucks by just doing a simple task. It’s the most incredible and impossible thing! So, if you are planning to leave your 9-5 job in exchange for posting ads online, we don’t recommend it will work. There are many decent jobs you can do for a living. This job is just best for someone looking for a side hustle or just want to make use of his extra time.


How to Start Making Money


All you need to do first is to sign up. Provide your detail and a working email address. You will get a notification with every transaction you made in the “pay to click” site. Since we already discussed the things you need to watch out, make sure you will not pay any amount just for you to be a member. It is better not to have a job than being scammed!


You also need to create a username and password that serves as your access to their site since you are already their member. It is always advisable to create a secure password so other people can’t find a way to use your account.


After you sign up and complete the information, you will receive the step-by-step instructions on how to post the ads. You will receive a link to the ad and the sites where you need to post it. Some sites provide a video to make it easy for you to understand and follow the steps. It is beneficial if you are not savvy in navigation. The steps are just easy to follow ad you will most probably master it in an hour of doing the task.


Furthermore, you have to read the instructions carefully so you will do the task in a right way. You may also be asked to choose among the listed companies if which one should be posted first. There are links together with the company names. Make sure you put the right data that falls exactly on that company to avoid customers from getting confused if they decided to buy the product.


You may have noticed that when you sign up, you are not required to provide if you have a marketing skill or degree. It is because your primary role is just to post the ads and not to sell them directly to the consumers. You don’t need to do a sales talk just to earn. Your hands will do the work.


Most of the time, the site uses a Paypal account to pay their workers. When you sign up, you will be asked for the email address associated with your Paypal account. Do not give the entire information of your accounts like your credit number and pin code. Always limit yourself when providing your details anywhere on the internet.

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