Nomadic Lifestyle Jobs – Earn Money While Traveling The World

Why Be A Nomad?


To be a nomad, all you need to do is move. That can mean moving jobs often, and it can mean moving cities often. It can mean having the kind of job that allows you to move yourself — from this to that coffee shop, from your bedroom office to the table outside. When your office is wherever you are, and you have clients rather than employers, you can be a nomad


Many such workers extol the virtues of nomadic life regularly — it is free, wide-open, flexible, and usually a lot of fun. It is creative and artistic. It fills you with a sense of individual power: you are your own manager, your own employer, and you are successful on your own terms. And for many nomads, there is a great sense of joy about their jobs. Even when the work is hard, or boring, or long, it is part of something in your life that allows you to spend your time — much of it anyway — doing the things you are passionate about, even if they don’t make any money. Any many nomads find that the work they do is rewarding in itself. This is a way of loving your job to love your life. Go wherever you like, work whenever you like, answer to nobody. It is the new American dream.


Why be a nomad? Because it is a life unfettered. Nomadic work makes nomads happy, keeping them emotionally and psychologically (not to mention existentially) stable as it pays the bills (which we all know is a brute necessity). Why be a nomad? Because it is fun, rewarding, and easier than a lot of people think; and because the new kind of nomad doesn’t have to live their lives hopping trained (but they can if they want to!).


How Much Money Do You Need?


It is important to consider how much money you need to live. Most nomadic jobs do not put you even into the middle class, and that has to be ok with you. It is possible to ascend the ladder and be a successful writer, startup CEO, or website owner, but in general that takes a lot of luck. If you are not happy making more than you would make at a restraint but less than you would make as a traditional businessperson, then nomadic life may not be for you. Most people, however, would find that they need far less money than they think they need. If your life is made joyful and free, then it is worth trading some of the security of a sure-thing monthly paycheck that will let you buy that pod home in the suburbs. Thinking about how much much you need — really need — is one of the first steps toward becoming a successful nomad.


Nomadic Jobs


There are many jobs that encourage nomadic life. They include in-person jobs that allow you to travel and change employers quickly, but in 2017 there is a whole host of nomadic employment available digitally. Here are some of the most common jobs for people who want to be nomads:


Traditional Nomadic Jobs


Traditional nomadic jobs are in-person. They are the sorts of jobs that often require more travel than a lot of people are comfortable with, and their pay is routinely low. They are, however, quite rewarding for a lot of people.




First, a lot of modern nomads are artists. Artists are a strange breed of people who have an exceptionally well-honed skill that will likely never result in their making much money. Even though everyone loves art, nobody in contemporary society wants to pay much for it (or virtually nobody). So artists are forced to go to where they can make the most — where the best galleries are, where the grants will be given. This often makes artists quite nomadic, as they they work for many different clients and sometimes in many different places.




Musicians of a certain kind are road-warriors. These people work hard and are highly trained, but they need to move if they are to make any real money. There is simply no money in record sales anymore. Musicians get by, most of the time, taking on students and recording sessions for whomever they can. This makes them great nomads.


Railroad Worker


Railroad working is difficult and requires a lot of training, but it can be a great job for a nomad. The hours are long and hard, but if you love travel and have a passion for trains it is a great job. The money is much better in this field than many other nomadic jobs.




Hard laborers have the ability to work for many different people in many different places. The work is usually back-breaking, and it can be hard to continue into old age, but it can be steady (even if it doesn’t pay too well).


Digital Nomad Jobs


In 2017, there is a whole world of digital nomad jobs. Here are some of them:


Website Owner


Owning your own website and selling ad space is a great way to make money. And once you have set it all up and put in the initial investment, the work is easy.


App Designer


App designers get paid good money to work for a variety of employers. Like all freelance jobs online, this is great perks, including making your own hours and working wherever you like.




Programmers, like app designers, can get a lot of work online. This is a great job for a lot of people.




Whether you are freelance or you work remotely for a company, being an online writer is a great way to be a nomad. It comes with all of the perks of being a nomad, and most writers love to write so much that they are overjoyed to be getting paid.




Other digital nomad jobs include film and photo editors, music editors, and graphic designers. Any job you can do at a computer can be done online, and any job that can be done online can be nomadic.

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