Online Jobs for College Students at Home

Nowadays, with the power of telecommuting, it is not impossible to work for someone located anywhere around the world while you stay at the comfort of your home. Several work-at-home jobs help millions of people earn money conveniently without traveling every day.


College students should also take advantage of the online jobs so they can pay their student loans, help their parents earn, buy their own needs, and finance their projects. Working online is one way for them to sustain their financial obligations without taking their time intended for studying. They just need to manage their time well so work and school run smoothly and well-balanced.


We compiled a list of online jobs for college students at home to give you an idea which to choose. Some of them need a standard skill while others don’t require you to be an expert.




Blogging is not just as simple as writing. With this kind of job, you need to follow the general rules of grammar. Put yourself in the reader’s shoe. Isn’t it nice to read an article that has a proper syntax so you can easily understand what the writer would like to tell you? Also, you need to deliver an informative, concise, and useful article for the benefit of your readers. It’s your way of sharing your ideas to educate them.


Graphic Designer


If you have good taste in choosing a specific design for a particular website, then graphics design is a perfect job for you. With the advancement of our technology, creating designs, themes, and logos becomes very easy. There are available apps you can use to lessen the hassle of crafting a graphic that grabs the attention of your audience.


Website Developer


You need to start from scratch to build a website. You need to create a site that is easy to navigate so even those people who are not technically inclined can browse your it with ease. But for you to do this, you need to make sure you know more about using different kinds of website builders. Some clients prefer a specific tool to use considering their budget.


Virtual Assistant


The tasks of a virtual assistant vary from one client to another. Sometimes, you will be working with different types of social media platforms, too. You may be asked to research, curate contents, make reports, and many various projects depending on your skills. Of course, you also need to be good at using Word and Excel for preparing reports and documentation.




Many people around the world who are not native English speakers hire a tutor to help them speak the language better. You need to have a good command of English for you to be a virtual assistant. Most nationalities who need assistance are Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans. It is also a plus factor if you can speak other languages like French or Mandarin so you can teach it to many people, too.


You can apply as a part-time tutor so you can only consume about 4 hours of your time. It is the best job for you most especially if you are taking up a bachelor’s degree in Education. Aside from the English language, some clients also need a tutor for other major subjects such as Mathematics and Science.


Software/App Developer


Are you tech savvy and can deal with the fast-paced world of technology? Why not use your technical skill create a software that can be useful for many businesses? Almost all activity of entrepreneurs nowadays relies on software for doing tasks like payroll and accounting. A lot of households can’t even live without using apps for fitness, health, and of course, entertainment!


Taking Surveys


Have you thought that with just even taking surveys, you could already earn a fair amount to sustain allowance? It could be the most comfortable and most convenient kind of job a college student could ever have. You may not be primarily dealing with surveys at all times because it is sometimes unavailable. So, sign up for many survey sites as much as you can. Most of the questions pertain to your experience when you use a product you service.


Data Entry


If you are a fast typist and can read complicated words or images, captcha typing is a choice for you. Most sites accepting an encoder pay about a dollar for every 1000 words you type. It may be a little amount, however, if you have a fast and reliable internet connection, fast fingers, and patience, your earnings could be enough to support your projects for school.




If you have that sharp eye to spot an incorrect word or grammar used in a sentence, then, you can be a proofreader or editor. Before you become one, most clients will require you to take a test to make sure you are qualified for this specific job. A plus factor if you previously worked as a writer and has a good command of English.




If you have experience working in legal and medical fields, transcription job is suitable for you. Most of the time, there are terms from the audio that only a person who has extensive knowledge of those words can understand. It is why it is mostly required by clients to check your background education or previous jobs. But for those who only need someone to transcribe an interview or speech, having a sharp ear to capture each word is enough.




Do you speak German, French, Chinese, Arabic, and many other languages? There are reputable sites who need someone like you. Now, you can use your learnings of those languages to make money by just translating an article written in different language.


Have you chosen a job suitable for your skills now? It is so great that you make an effort to look for a job to sustain your study in college. However, you need to be extra careful while having your search for you to land a decent job than on the trap of scammers.

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