Online Jobs for College Students with No Experience

For someone who did not experience to work, how can you convince a company that you are qualified to work for them? This fact could be a source of insecurity for most college students who haven’t finish their schooling yet. They always want to work to support their finances in school. However, they already lose their confidence even before they began to do the job hunt.


Well, this is not a problem anymore in the online world. So, stop degrading yourself because no one is going to discriminate you now due to lack of experience. These jobs we’ll share you is suitable for those who are still studying in college. As a bonus, you don’t even have to spend money just to settle all the requirements.


A word to remember before entering these kinds of jobs: Do not expect that you will generate a high income. They may pay as little as you think. You can’t even put them as a reference in your resume once you applied for a job in bigger companies. Also, you need to make sure they are not the product of the online scams. Do not get hooked by those “too good to be true” offers just because you need money. There’s no shortcut to getting richer!


So, here’s the most awaited part of this page: online jobs for college students with NO experience!


Website/App Testing


Because many companies and individuals go with the advancement of technology, there are newly created apps and websites that are still under development. Web or app developers need someone like you to test their product before they launch it on the market. You just need to provide an honest point of view regarding how it works or if there are some issues with it. You don’t have to be tech savvy just for you to do the testing. Just review the product and provide feedback. They will use your words to improve the result of their innovation before they finally decide to introduce it to the market.


Virtual Assistant


Since a virtual assistant’s tasks vary from client to client, you don’t necessarily need to have an experience. They will require you to do some projects based on your skill. As long as you have a keen eye for every detail and can follow instructions well, you can work efficiently. You also need to manage your time well so you can submit the reports or documents promptly.


Product Review


Have you tried to read the review of a particular product sold on Amazon and other online shopping companies before purchasing it? It helps the customers know if the product has flaws so they can decide if they should buy it or not. That’s also your primary purpose of reading that section, right? And do you know that you can also be one of those evaluators? By just writing a review, you are only going to help the consumers, but you can also earn an income.


Designing T-Shirts


Do you have talent in graphic design? Then why not craft unique designs on t-shirts and present them to reputable sites like Teespring? They will evaluate your creation and decide if they can use them for their branded shirts. Another best option for you is to sell your crafts on Etsy and other online shopping stores. It is an excellent opportunity for you to earn an unlimited income by just being your boss!


Data Entry


Many companies hire a data entry specialist remotely. By just having a fundamental skill in using a computer and a reliable internet connection, you can already take the opportunity to be a data encoder.




If you love putting your ideas into writing and you have a good command of English, blogging is a perfect option for you. Since you are not required to have the experience to do a guest post or write an informative article, you need to submit your writing sample to the sites who are looking for bloggers. They will use it to evaluate if you are capable of being their writer.


You can also try your luck at other sites who need writers like Upwork and Freelancer. However, be prepared to compete with other members who have already built their reputation on these sites. You need to sign up and create an attention seeker profile to be a member.


Selling Stock Photos


Transform your photography hobby into money! Every website needs pictures to attract the attention of their readers. However, due to copyrights, they need to be cautious in taking images from anywhere online. The perfect go-to-source to avoid infringement is to buy from sites like Offer your photos to these websites, and they will display them if your item meets their criteria. If a buyer selects your picture and downloads it, that’s the time that you will earn money.


These are just some of the well-known jobs online that can help you earn an extra income while going to college. You may obtain a little money from some them, but they can at least ease the load of your daily finances. If a time comes you’re already earning a lot from any of those suggested jobs, do not make it a reason to stop from studying. Always put in mind that you can still gain more if one good client considers your impressive educational background and skill. If that happens, you will not only get a reward because of your perseverance, but you can also build your career in the online industry.


Though the internet is the perfect one-stop shop when looking for work, still, your success in finding a legit job is not a one-night process. You still need to have an effort and patience to find the right one for you.


Before you look for these jobs, make sure that the site is paying their workers. Read the reviews and forums to help you identify a legit between a scammer. Do not just easily believe if you get an offer that’ll almost make you rich instantly. Take your steps slowly, but surely!

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