Online Jobs That Don’t Require Experience

Some jobs require extensive work experience and impressive educational background. But do you know there are available jobs on the internet that are beginner-friendly? It doesn’t mean that if you don’t have work experience, you cannot perform a certain task flawlessly. Some people have natural abilities or skills to prove themselves that they are capable of doing the projects as a well-experienced employee does.


Who knows, you are more skillful than those who already spent their years working remotely. So, you don’t have to feel insecure if you can’t prove anything yet. Maybe you just need a little push to nurture the hidden talent you keep for many years.


These kinds of jobs may not consider your employment background, but employers will mostly value your skills. These are best for fresh graduates or even for those who want to explore how is it like to work in the online industry. Always put in mind that all online workers started as a beginner. Now, you don’t have to worry if you have lack of experience because there are a variety of options for you!




As long as you can follow the grammatical rules and deliver high-quality content, writing will give you an opportunity to showcase what you’ve got. If you have broad ideas about different things all around, you can put them into writing and make money out of your skill.


Data Entry


A data entry specialist must be a fast typist. It is the skill most employers consider without looking at your work history. As long as you can complete the tasks assigned to you in no time, you can prove that you can be better in this field.


Customer Service


If you have strong analytical skills and can communicate effectively, customer service can give you a chance to enter the online industry. In this type of job, your attitude and skills matter. It’s as simple as talking on the phone while answering a customer’s inquiry. You may also need to resolve the issue onset of call that is why a robust analytical skill is essential.


Virtual Assistant


The duties and responsibilities of a virtual assistant may depend on the employer or the company’s industry. Here, you must have broader skills like creating reports, organize a client’s schedule, and send an email. The tasks are similar to secretarial jobs, but instead of you working in an office, you will perform your duties at home.


Social Media Manager


Almost all of us have social media accounts, right? So, it means anyone knows how to use a social platform. Many companies have 2 or more social channels. You have to help them manage these platforms to maintain their visibility online. With proper strategy on how to get engaged with their target audience and post their content, you can find a satisfying job from being a social media manager.




If you know too many languages and you can speak and write in English efficiently, being a translator is a perfect choice for you. You will mostly work with companies from other parts of the world who need someone to translate a contract, documents, or reports from their language into English.




To be a transcriptionist, you must be detailed-oriented so you can catch up the words you can hear from the audio and transcribe it. You also need to type fast. You have to be very careful in listening so you can listen to even those unclear words. If you are familiar with the medical and legal terms, it’s also a bonus.


Chat Agent


Most e-commerce companies hire a chat agent to assist their shoppers in picking a product. Most people nowadays rely on the internet even when they want to purchase an item. Your primary goal is to help them find a product suitable for their needs. You need to be a good typist (with correct grammar, spelling, and proper usage of punctuation marks of course) since you will only need to use chatting as your primary communication tool.


Graphic Designer


If you are fond of arts and designing, you can be a graphic designer. This kind of job covers a lot of services. You can create an invitation card, attractive posts in social media, event’s theme, company logo, and many sorts of things that need a graphics to make them look beautiful. Doing this job is very easy nowadays because there are apps to help you do it. The only thing you need to have is a good taste in choosing designs you need to use.


How to Find These Jobs


To look for these jobs, you have Google and other search engines to help you. With the power of telecommuting, you can almost find the things you need. Just type in the search bar the relevant information you need and you can start browsing. If you have chosen a specific type of job we suggested earlier, you can use it to route you to the sites hiring for people who don’t have experience.


Most of the jobs we recommend pay an hourly rate. You need not expect that you will instantly get paid higher as a beginner. But as long as you can show off your skills and work efficiently, some generous clients will treat you not just like their remote employee. You just need to make an effort to deliver a quality work so you can stay in the company if you are looking for a long-term job.


But if you only need these jobs as your side hustle, they can also be a good start to enhance whatever skill you already have. These recommendations are best for moms, college students, teens, and even for those people who just want to try their luck


These suggestions don’t even need you to spend too much just to land a job. You don’t have to travel or comply more requirements. Employers just need a dedicated person who is willing to learn and make use of his skills. So, will you try them now?

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