Online Proofreading Jobs for Beginners

Proofreading is essential in every article or content. It is helpful in correcting the errors in a written work made by authors, writers, journalists, and bloggers. No matter you show big ideas in your writings if it is not structured correctly, your effort could become useless. The massive industry of online needs them to ensure the content is efficiently structured in a manner that everyone can understand. They make sure it is error-free and grammatically correct.


As a writer, you have to build an excellent reputation to earn the trust of people who need your service. Proofreaders play a significant role in making this happen. They help the writers enhance their level of writing before they publish most their work in websites or books


Nowadays, many writers use proofreading apps to correct their writings. However, if we are going to compare some of these apps from the work of a proofreader, the latter provides an excellent job. Not all apps can give an accurate evaluation. Unlike the proofreaders where they can also make proper suggestions about the right usage of a word. They are skilled in understanding the flow of the article.


Not all authors or writers have time to check their work. Therefore, they need a proofreader to do the task for them. The pay depends on the employer. You may get paid an hourly rate while some pay a proofreader per completed batch of articles they check.


Every proofreader must be detail-oriented. This attitude will help them do their task efficiently. They need to read everything and spot the incorrect words. They are responsible for checking if the article has correct grammar, proper punctuation marks, right spelling, and appropriate structure of the sentence. They should be focused on evaluating the content to make sure it is error-free.


With so many websites offering proofreading services, we gathered the most reputable job boards to make it easy for you to find them. We have known these sites for several years of working in the online industry, and we can vouch that they provide an excellent service to both the clients and freelancers. Many proofreaders started their career in the following job sites and they are now earning an income higher than a 9-5 job could offer.




It could be one of the largest job board in the industry. A lot of clients look proofreaders to help them produce high-quality content. They can also make you as their regular employee if they are satisfied with your service. Clients frequently write a review and rate the proofreader depending on his capability. It can be seen in the profile of the worker. You have to be very cautious in looking for grammar or spelling mistakes and make sure nothing escapes from your sharp eye.


When it comes to payment, Upwork offers an Escrow payment protection plan. Good thing they have it to protect both the employer and the worker against fraud. Because of this, we can really vouch that they pay people as what they promised. The client may also fund the project in advance. If the proofreader completed his task, that is the time that the fund will be sent directly to his account.




A lot of freelancers go to Fiverr if they need a job. It also hires beginners no matter they don’t have work experience. You have to create a profile that will surely grab the interest of many employers. You have to create an attention seeker bio to introduce yourself. Clients also spend their time to write a review for each worker they worked with. You have to make sure you are consistently delivering an excellent service so the client may consider you next time he looks for a proofreader again.


Other clients hire a regular proofreader for their site. You have to aim for it so you don’t have to go back to finding a job again once you complete the project. The rating clients give you depends on your efficiency. Every client expects that a proofreader has a sharp eye. You must be diligent in correcting the content and transform into high-quality one.




Freelancer is another notable site that hires proofreaders. Whether you are a beginner or have lots of work experiences, they have many opportunities to offer. In this job site, you can bid for your rate. Clients will choose among the bidders whom he wants to give the position. Another thing we like about Freelancer is it sends job recommendations you may want to apply while waiting for other clients to accept your bid. The site sends notifications almost every day which means that they regularly keep their website updated.




Guru works like Freelancer as well. It offers many job recommendations and you are free to choose whichever of them you may like to apply. They also permit an employer to contact the proofreader directly. The site also shows if the employer has a budget for the said project he offers. It means that the employer already funded the account and the worker will receive it once he completes the task. Some employers don’t show that they already funded the account, so you must be careful in choosing them.


To set your expectation, though these sites are known to be reputable, it not that easy to be hired. You have to exert an effort and lengthen your patience when waiting for someone to hire you. It’s a hub where competition arises. However, if you started to have clients, you will find it more rewarding than risking yourself from the spreading scammers on the internet. It is better to exert an effort to join Fiverr, Upwork, and many other job boards we suggest than land a job managed by a scammer.


Also, you have to remember that those professional proofreaders also started as beginners. They also experienced finding a job and sometimes, get rejected. Don’t make rejections stop you from honing your proofreading skills. You will surely find a way to show it off!


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