Proven Ways For College Students To Make Money Online

College students don’t have much time for anything. That is just a matter of fact. Schooling takes up a whole lot of time, which is not inherently bad when you think of the possibilities that a degree or diploma can provide you with in the future. However, when it comes to the present, you as a college student still need to be able to make a good income.


Finding a full time or part time job is not only difficult due to our economy, but because of tight school schedules too. The obvious solution here is to work online from home, but that in itself presents some other issues. Finding an online job as a college student can be pretty challenging. So, what are some proven ways for college students to make money online?


1.) Online Tutoring.


One of the best ways for any college student to make money online is to be a tutor. Yes, this means that you have to be fairly well versed in a specific topic or field of study, but as a college student that really should not be much of an issue. Heck, tutoring does not necessary mean that you need to teach a subject from scratch. It could be as simple as giving people some pointers, tips, going over homework, or just providing some assistance with specific issues.


Tutoring other people should really not be all that hard, especially if you show up to your college classes on a regular basis. Simply use what you know and follow the teaching style you like to help someone in need. Tutors can make a whole lot of money, especially when it comes to in demand topics like math, English, and other fairly basic subjects. There are tons of tutoring programs where you can help people out that live in your own town, city, or country.


We really like tutoring as an online job for college students because it allows it allows you to use your own knowledge, help someone else, and make money doing it. Seriously guys, tutors can make a whole lot of cash on a daily basis, even in just a few hours. This is not a job that pays minimum wage. Also, tutoring is convenient because it can take place at any time. Simply set up your tutoring schedule to work around your school life. It really does not get any easier than that.


2.) Teaching English


This one may be a closely related to our first online money maker, but it is a little different. Here we are not talking about simply helping someone with a math equation or homework question, but actually teaching somebody English. If you are a successful student somewhere in an English speaking country and you are fluent in the language, teaching it to others should be a breeze. Think about it.


All you need to do is follow a curriculum set up and outlined by others and then follow it to teach somebody the language. We do not want to be exclusive here, so really, this could work for pretty much any language out there. If you know a language that lots of people want to learn, chances are that there is an opening somewhere for you.


As long as you can prove that you are proficient in the language, you should have no problem finding an English teaching job. If you speak a language well, have a computer with a working webcam, and some spare time, this is definitely a fine choice to consider.


3.) Freelancing


Freelancing is in fact one of the more popular online job choices for students that want to work from home on their own time and make some good money. Now, freelancing may not be as well paid as our other 2 options we discussed before, but if you find the right employers, you can make a decent amount of money no doubt. One of the main attractions of freelancing for college students, and really for anyone else who freelances, is that you can do it on your own time.


As long as you meet deadlines, you can write an article, blog, or whatever else at 6 am or 6 pm. It really does not matter. The beauty with freelancing also lies in the great versatility and amount of choice it brings to the table. Whether your strength is fiction, non-fiction, blogging, reviewing products, politics, current events, or pop-culture, there is always a plethora of things to write about. Seeing as you are a college student, you should have a good command of the English language, therefore making you perfectly qualified to be a freelancer in writing.


4.) Taking Surveys


Ok, so this is one of those online jobs for college students that does allow you to make good money, but there is often a certain amount of risk involved too. Yes, taking online surveys can be quite lucrative if your find the right surveys and companies that steadily provide surveys. If you are really out there and are a go getter, you should spend a few hours or even a few days looking up some of the best survey companies out there. The problem with the bad ones is not necessarily that they don’t pay, but that they don’t pay too well.


Quite often you will also come across survey companies that only pay in discounts toward their specific products, gift cards, and other reward type structure. This is not necessarily a bad thing if making cash is not exactly your primary goal. We’re sure that some of you are perfectly happy being paid with a new bicycle, PS4, or whatever other rewards are available.


The point here is that taking online surveys is definitely a legit and real way of making some fast cash. Just be weary of which companies you sign up with and what kind of payment plans they offer.




At the end of the day, these are not the only proven ways for college students to make money online, but they are some of the best ways.

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