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Many people find online surveys to be a fun and easy way to supplement their income in their spare time. Online surveys can be a pleasant way to earn a few extra dollars while waiting in an airport or watching TV on the couch, and it’s often simple enough to give your feedback and opinions on issues, products, and brands. There are thousands of companies around the world that conduct market research, and many websites and apps that people can use to connect with paid survey opportunities.


Survey Money Machines is neither of these. Survey Money Machines was started by founder Hailey Gates, a stay-at-home mother of three. She was taking surveys at home and making a side income from it, but found that it was difficult to locate authentic paid online surveys. So, she founded a company that provides lists of legitimate, paid survey opportunities to other people for free.


Survey Money Machine is a website that, when you sign up, sends you emails with lists of sites that offer paid survey opportunities. This free service claims to save you the time of finding these sites on your own and determining which ones are scams and which ones are legitimate. Survey Money Machines claims to be able to connect members with opportunities to:


  • Get paid $1 – $32 for taking a survey
  • Get paid $20 – $46 for taking a phone survey
  • Get paid to test new products and keep them
  • Be entered into sweepstakes with $1000 – $50,000 prizes
  • Get paid $5 – $30 per hour as a mystery shopper
  • Work from home
  • Make $20 – $40 per hour writing articles


It is perhaps these claims that are the most problematic aspect of Survey Money Machines. While it is possible to make money by taking surveys online, these dollar amounts are hardly typical, and many people find these earnings rates misleading once they sign up for the lists and start completing the surveys.


When a person signs up with Survey Money Machines, they receive a series of emails with lists of survey sites. Survey Money Machines has reviewed these sites and made sure they are legitimate opportunities and not spam before recommending them. Survey Money Machines encourages users to sign up for as many as possible; at least two, but ideally three different sites a day in order to get as many survey opportunities as possible.


However, each survey site that Survey Money Machines sends along to users has its own subsequent sign-up and rewards procedures, terms, and conditions. Many of these sites reward survey takers not with cash, but with points, or with sweepstakes entry opportunities and other incentives and rewards. Each survey site has a different threshold at which participants can redeem their rewards, and many of those thresholds are difficult and time-consuming to meet. Most participants quickly find that they won’t earn anywhere near the amounts claimed by Survey Money Machines.


Also, while Survey Money Machines may protect users’ privacy and not sell email addresses, (they are very explicit about that on their website) that may not be true for all the other sites that users go on to sign up for. Many people report an influx of spam, but it is difficult to determine the source of the new spam emails.


Survey Money Machines is free to sign up for, but that is because the site makes an income through the referral links. All the sites that Survey Money Machines recommends are sites that pay them for the referral. In other words, Survey Money Machines makes $4 – $5 for every user who signs up for the referred sites. If a user signs up for twenty survey sites, as Hailey Gates encourages them to do, Survey Money Machines makes $80 – $100 from that user.


While online surveys might be an easy way to generate a little bit of extra money, Survey Money Machines offers a service that isn’t truly necessary. There are a number of other websites and apps that list survey opportunities or give people an opportunity to take surveys in return for money and rewards. In addition, signing up for a single market research network or survey app means that you only have to create one login and enter your basic demographic information one time.


Signing up for 20 different sites with different rules, rewards, logins, and terms, and then checking and responding to emails and notifications for each one, is an extremely time-consuming and cumbersome way to earn a little bit of pocket money.


Survey Money Machine pros:


  • Free to sign up
  • Free lists of authentic paid survey opportunities


Survey Money Machine cons:


  • Different sites have different rewards and thresholds. It may take a long time to accumulate enough points to cash out in any one system
  • Possibility of getting a lot of spam from other sites signed up for through Survey Money Machines
  • Misleading claims about how much money a person can make through these sites
  • Some rewards are linked to the user signing up for a product or service. If they don’t remember to cancel or return the product, the charge will recur
  • Time-consuming to stay abreast of many different sites and opportunities and keep qualifying for different ones
  • SMM recommendations aren’t truly unbiased, since they always recommend sites that are paying them for the referrals. There might be great sites out there that won’t end up on the SMM list because they don’t pay for referrals


Ultimately, most people agree that Survey Money Machines isn’t worth it, even if it’s free. There are better, easier, and higher paid options for taking online surveys than the ones presented through the Survey Money Machines referral links.


And the SMM compensation model means that they are inherently biased in their reviews and recommendations, which is just not good business practice. Taking online surveys should be fun and easy, and give you a little bit of pocket money. You shouldn’t have to deal with juggling dozens of different sites, logins, and rules, and you shouldn’t have to deal with a lot of spam in your inbox. There are better ways.


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