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Leapforce at Home claims that their agents enjoy flexible schedules and competitive pay while working at home. It sounds like a dream opportunity for many people, but is it really?


Companies hire Leapforce to evaluate and improve online searches, ads, mobile data, and other information. Leapforce independent agents conduct this Internet research and provide evaluations so that these companies can improve their results using human intelligence.


The first thing most people will want to know is whether or not Leapforce is a scam. Here are some quick ways to evaluate an opportunity and determine whether it is legitimate or not:


  • Does the site go by a number of different names or links? No.
  • Is the site augmented by social media profiles? Yes.
  • Does the site have a number of negative scam ratings on BBB.org? No.
  • Does the site have a number of negative scam ratings on Glassdoor? No.
  • Does the site make realistic promises and detail the work before you sign up? Yes.
  • Do online ratings look legitimate (a normal mix of positive and negative reviews from real human beings)? Yes.


Based on those criteria, Leapforce passes the “smell test” and doesn’t appear to be a scam. In fact, Leapforce is a legitimate work-at-home opportunity for independent contractors with a high-speed Internet connection.


Leapforce agents are tasked with performing web searches and delivering evaluations based on their personal search history within specified time frames. In order to qualify, prospective agents must:


  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have high-speed Internet access
  • Have a personal computer running the Chrome web browser, version 45 or higher
  • Have up-to-date antivirus and anti-spyware running on their computer
  • Have excellent web research and analytical abilities
  • Have excellent English reading and writing skills


In order to become a Leapforce agent, all applicants must pass a three-part qualification exam. In addition, some Leapforce opportunities are designated for fluency in non-English languages; those agents will have to pass a fluency test for those languages.


After signing up, study materials are sent to the applicants for the first round of qualification tests. If the first round is passed, materials are sent for the second test, etc.


If any round of testing is failed, an applicant has a one-time opportunity to retake the test. If the applicant fails a second time, they are excluded from participating in Leapforce. The testing process typically takes two weeks.


Like all legitimate opportunities (and any job at all), Leapforce offers positives and negatives to the remote online worker.

Based on online reviews, the advantages of being a Leapforce agent are:


  • The work is easy to learn
  • The hours are flexible
  • Pay is consistent, via direct deposit


The disadvantages are:


  • Leapforce requires extensive training and reading time to learn and know guidelines, which are frequently updated. Agents are not compensated for the time spent reading and studying these guidelines. Agents are encouraged to practice tasks to gain speed and accuracy, but this practice time is unpaid.
  • Leapforce estimates how much time a task should take and will not pay agents for the amount of time it actually took. Agents are required to modify their invoices to match. Leapforce’s expectations and will not be paid based on their actual time investment. If an agent is faster than allowed, they are not compensated more. Furthermore, these expectations regarding time allotment per task are not communicated to agents before completing the task, only at the end during the invoicing process.
  • Agents have performance reviews every month. If an agent is not performing quickly enough, they are frequently blocked and locked out of Leapforce, often with little or no notice or ability to improve.
  • Leapforce rates are based on the agent’s country of origin and are not flexible. Leapforce claims to pay $13/hour for American workers, but that amount is lower for people residing in different regions. And the pay isn’t truly hourly anyway; it’s variable and task-based. Some find this claim of an average of $13/hour slightly misleading.
  • Leapforce work must be done from home and isn’t location-independent.


Again, every job has advantages and disadvantages, and not all work is good for everyone in every situation. Leapforce agents are independent contractors, not employees, so the company is not obligated to offer or renew any work for any reason, and this can make some people feel disposable. While there are online real-time chats and support available, the lack of a personal connection can make some people feel isolated at work. This is why some reviewers are very happy working for Leapforce, while some are frustrated or disappointed.


Generally speaking, most people who are happy working for Leapforce are people who:


  • Understand the work and find it easy
  • Naturally stay on top of Internet and social trends
  • Only want to work a few hours a day at flexible times
  • Do not want to report to a boss or be surrounded by coworkers


People who have a negative experience with Leapforce are often people who:


  • Struggle to complete the assigned tasks within the expected time
  • Get involved in disputing particular tasks, invoices, or reviews; it appears that Leapforce leadership is inflexible and will not reconsider decisions
  • Find themselves blocked or suspended with little notice and no opportunity to improve or understand why
  • Want full-time hours and full-time income


Overall, Leapforce is a great opportunity to generate extra money from home, provided a person has something of a natural aptitude for it. It is extremely helpful for people entering or re-entering the workforce, and supplements income for students, parents, and others who need a reliable part-time job. Taking the qualification tests is free, and good practice for the work, so if you think it might be right for you, go ahead and give it a try – you have nothing to lose, and the work might be a good fit.

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