The Best Proofreading Jobs Online – 5 Straight-forward Tips

One of the most significant jobs that require high demand is an excellent proofreader. If you have a keen eye to spot grammatical errors and poorly structured sentences, online proofreading is suitable for you. Because so many writers have little or no time to review their writings, their effort may be wasted. A proofreader can help them fix the flaws on their content.


Along with many jobs to help you hone your skills, online proofreading is one of the opportunities that will help you generate a good amount of income. Website owners need someone like you to review their contents and correct the errors to achieve a high-quality presentation. You are probably aware that the tool we use to create a document can only spot spelling errors. However, when it comes to proper usage of a particular word, we need a highly capable proofreader.


Proofreading is very useful to writers, authors, or even to students who do their assignments. It is a good way to extend your help to people who need a hand in delivering an exceptional content while you are sure that every single project is paid. It is your way to help a lot of people from different industries produce an error-free content.


So, to help you with your job hunt and money-making goals, here are few examples where you can apply your proofreading skill. All of these niches require deep attention to every detail so the content is well-presented before it goes into public.

  • Marketing materials
  • Academic papers
  • Resumes
  • Contracts
  • Magazine content
  • Press releases
  • E-books


What It Takes to be a Proofreader


To become a proofreader, you don’t necessarily need to have a bachelor’s degree. Having a degree in English is not a sure way to become one. What most companies need is someone who is proficient and accurate in spotting errors. The sites hiring for a proofreader can give you tests to ensure you are qualified and capable of doing the task. It means that even you do not have any work experiences, you can still apply for that job and prove yourself in this field.


A proofreader must be detail-oriented. You also need to have a good command of English. Take note that some companies prefer someone who knows the different proofreaders’ marks. These symbols are used to indicate the kinds of changes that should be made in written work. So, before you apply, you first need to be familiarized with some tools you need to use.


Where to Find the Proofreading Jobs


There are a lot of respectable companies who always hire proofreaders.

Upwork is on the top of the list. It is always the first choice of freelancers because you can bid for your rate. We seldom read a negative review or complain against this site when it comes to their payment system. Once you deliver a high-quality service, a client can give you a review which can boost your profile. Aside from these reasons, it also offers an Escrow service which is a financial agreement serve to both parties to prevent the risk of fraud.

Since Upwork is a huge site built for online job seekers, be prepared with a striking profile to set you apart from the competition. Make sure you have an enticing description that will make you stand out. Applying to this site may seem difficult, but it’s worth the effort.


Blogging Sites


Blogging Sites like ProBlogger and ShoutDreams hire proofreaders to review the contents of their writers. Since they cover topics about blogging, they need to make sure that the content is error-free before sharing it with their readers. They already built their presence on the internet so even a little grammatical error that is not fixed before posting can bring a negative impact to their site. Therefore, they need to maintain their reputation by delivering flawless blogs.


Create your profile on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a beneficial social platform that will lead you to know different people from various industries. It is an excellent site to build your portfolio and let others know that you are capable of providing proofreading services. Highlight the niche where you are an expert. Many hiring managers look into LinkedIn to find employees for their company. Be sure to display a professional looking photo along with your impressive bio.


Just like Upwork, you also need to make an effort to excel in the service you are going to provide. You may need to prove your capability since there are lots of proofreaders like you who aim to get a client. To be a member of the site, you need to sign up and create a profoundly impacting bio. Grab the client’s attention by highlighting the kind of service that you can provide.


Launch your site


If you think these options aren’t suitable for you, you can build your site offering proofreading service. At first, there may be few clients who wanted to try using your service, but once you deliver a consistent quality every time you do your job, a satisfied client would always come back for more and he may also refer you to his colleagues. Consistency and high-quality results are the keys to start your proofreading career.


To encourage you even more, you can make it as a business. It’s not just about making money, but the fact that you can help other people who strive harder to get a profitable job is a fulfilling thing. There’s nothing more rewarding than sharing the blessings to other people. As long as you can maintain your good intention to help, you can also save others against the growing numbers of scamming and phishing sites.


One more thing, if you prefer to do your job search to other sites, make sure they are legit. Read reviews patiently so you know which place to go. Don’t just grab the opportunities without weighing things. Evaluate if they are genuine. No one would ever want to work for free, right? So better to take every step carefully before you give your trust.

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