Real Ways To Make Money Online From Home – 5 Good Tips

The future is upon us, making it easier and more convenient for go-getters to make money from home. The internet has become a valuable resource for both employers and jobseekers. While it still takes time and hard work, there are multiple ways to earn a living or make some extra money on the side online. The best thing about making money online is that it allows you to put your specific skills to use while making your own schedule. What are you great at and what do you enjoy doing? Chances are that you can find a way to make money from it online.


Whichever way you choose to make money online, it is important to continue to promote yourself. Tell your friends and family, share your work, and utilize LinkedIn to advertise for yourself. Consider yourself a business that needs to be promoted.




This is a broad topic because there are many freelance options available online. The key to freelance is knowing what you have a talent for and putting it to use. If you have certain qualifications, use them to your advantage when applying for freelance jobs. However, if you do not have many qualifications or a ton of experience, start applying to the smaller-end jobs that pay less. They’ll help you build up a reputation, resume, and maybe pay for your coffee for the day.


Writing is one of the top ways to make money through freelancing. This falls into many categories; blogs, reviews, research, resume-writing, etc. The best way to find freelance writing jobs is to join communities such as or They connect you to clients, but keep in mind that they take a small portion of your earnings as a fee.


If you’re just starting out, write up some sample articles to use when you apply to jobs. They should be between 500-1500 words and completely free of errors. Write a few different samples on different topics so you have a broad range of articles to submit to different kinds of clients.


If you have a blog, you can also use this to advertise or show your work, but only if it is professional. If it is more like an online diary, it won’t look professional to employers.




Coding can be self-taught, yet can bring in some high-end business. The great thing about coding is that you can make money while continuing to learn. New coding languages are constantly popping up and the quicker you learn them, the better chances you have at landing some great jobs. Plus, every time you code a site or an app, you can add it to your resume or LinkedIn, which will help you get even more jobs.


Similar to freelancing, it’s okay to take those small jobs because they will add up and build up your reputation and resume. The highest-paying employers like to see experience, so take those small-paying jobs at the beginning.


To learn coding, try free sites such as and Once you’ve learned to code, build some websites for samples or ask friends and family if they’d like a website. This gives you more experience and something to show clients.


There are several websites available to find freelance coding jobs, such as Again, don’t be afraid to start small and work your way up. The more projects you complete, the more experience you’ll gain, and the more you’ll get paid.




While YouTube is certainly not the easiest way to make money online, several “YouTubers” have found themselves to be extremely successful making videos. A lot goes into the finished product of these videos, so you’ll have to be dedicated and talented at editing. Find something that is unique about you. Some YouTubers simply make Vlogs about their lives, while some play videogames, and others review products. There are endless possibilities.


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You won’t make money until you build up a fan base, so spread the word. Share your YouTube channel with your friends and family, and encourage them to share it as well. Generally, you’ll make $1 – $4 per thousand views.


Google AdSense / Amazon Affiliate Links


These two are in the same category because they’re quite similar and both quite easy to use. These are two very simple and often successful ways to monetize your websites. You basically add links to your websites and let them do the work for you.



With Google AdSense, you’ll simply be adding advertisements on your website, blog, or YouTube channel. You begin by selecting an advertisement from their list that you’d like to add to your site. Try to focus on ads that will impress and interest your particular audience. If you have a parenting blog, choose something to do with family or kids. If you run a website reviewing car parts, choose something that pertains to vehicles. Next, you choose where you would like the ads to be placed on your website and complete the process of placing them. Then, you wait. Whenever a customer clicks on the ad, you’ll get paid. The more customers you bring in, the more money you’ll make and you’ll build yourself a reputation among the advertisers. If you show that you have high traffic, advertisers will bid for your ad space, making more money for you.


The Amazon Affiliate Program is very similar to Google AdSense. You join for free and then select which products you would like to advertise to your audience. Then, use their simple linking tools and let them do the work. You can earn up to 10% in advertising fees.




Whether you’re a crafter, Pinterest-addict, or just trying to get rid of stuff around the house, you can sell your goods on Etsy. There is a fee, but it’s a great way to advertise your goods to a very large audience. Etsy is popular for homemade crafts; signs, jewelry, clothing, home goods, etc. Buyers come to Etsy for the same reasons they go to art fairs; to find unique goods and support small businesses. If you have a talent for crafting, Etsy is your best bet to reach the largest community of buyers.

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