Watch Videos for Money

Have you thought that you could earn money by just watching videos? Most of us do it every day, so why turn it to money-making?

With this kind of job, you will be helping an advertising agency, media companies, online businesses, or a large research company by just watching a video. You can do it at your leisure. So, if you love watching television or videos online, this work is suitable for you.

Since these tasks are very easy and simple to do, they usually pay a small amount. If you are too tired to at your 9-5 job and you are planning to quit, these works are not the best alternative since you will only receive a cent from some of them. But if you just need something to kill your boredom, make use of your time, or a side hustle, we highly recommend these jobs in the list


If you love to watch excellent movies played in HD, the first thing that may enter your mind is Netflix. This company is willing to pay people who can tag a video with the proper content. These people are called taggers. If you get hired as a tagger, your primary role is to make browsing of different movies easy for the other viewers. Therefore, you need to make sure that the content will go to the right category. Once you make it, people can then browse through the recommendations.


YouTube offers a wide variety of contents such as movies, kids programs, DIY videos, tutorials, music videos, and many other kinds of videos you can think of. Because of this, we usually spend most of our time streaming our favorite shows which can also be done through iPhone and Android devices. You will get paid by this site by giving a movie a rating and comments. You can also click share so your friends can watch them. So simple!


This app is downloadable and can be installed on your phone. You can earn through this by watching a video or listening to music. Every time you finish watching a single content, you will earn points. These points can be used to redeem rewards such as music downloads, freebies, gift cheque, or cash. Though it only a little amount, the good thing about it is you can do this task anywhere. Whether you’re in the middle of the traffic or waiting for a friend in your meeting place, watching Viggle will definitely kill your boredom.

Join a Panel

When you go home to take some rest after work, you usually open the TV to watch interesting shows. And you know, you can also get paid for this task. The TV industry needs TV watchers to watch clips-oriented programming and other TV shows. Companies that run the panel will hire you to track how you use media in your day to day activities. If you think this is the best task you can do every time you’re at home, then you may start scoping the job boards offered by the entertainment industry.

Stream Videos Online

Many online sites hire people to watch a collection of TV shows included in their TV channels. If you spend most of your time sitting on a couch and watching videos online, you can definitely monetize it. They also pay a little so make sure you have their extras apart from this.

Wach TV Commercials

Every time we watch our favorite show and we get disturbed by the TV commercials, we usually get annoyed. Now, it’s not annoying anymore because you can get paid for it. It may cost a cent every single commercial but if you watch more, you can earn points and convert them into cash.

The amount you can receive from doing these tasks vary from the site or company that will ask you to do it for them. You need not expect to earn thousands since you can do them easily. It does not require any skill or work experience. Even teens can do it because the sites will never hire you because of your educational attainment.

These tasks could be addicting because anybody would love to earn more. Because of thinking that you need to obtain more, you will most likely need to spend your time watching videos the entire day. Maybe, this is the downside that we see from these kinds of job.

To avoid this situation, you can schedule this task. The best time to do it is when you arrive at home and want to take some rest. Watching TV or video can be relaxing, too. While you relax, you are also earning at the same time. Or maybe, you can also do it before you go to bed. It’s too relaxing to watch TV before bedtime. Providing your rating and commenting on the show will not even take most of your time. It will only take you about a minute or two to do a review.

Another best time to watch them is when you are in the middle of traffic which is very annoying. Now, instead of getting bored or frustrated, why not watch a video while sitting comfortably in the car. Anyway, videos are handy. As long as you have an Android device or an iPhone, you can already perform these tasks.

Just make sure when you are going to look for these jobs, check if the site is legit. There’s a lot of scammers on the internet so it is necessary to be extra careful. Not just because you wanted to earn money, you will also trust instantly. Don’t make it easy for the scammers to hook you.

Also, remember all these jobs we recommend are free. You don’t have to pay when you sign up. You need a job to earn and not to spend money on anyone else’s living. These tasks are not complicated to do. Thanks to the different industries who find the importance of the viewers to give them a rating so they can deliver a quality service. It creates more job for many people who are willing to try.

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