The Best Ways for College Students to Make Money Online In 2018

When you go to college, money will always take part. You need to find means to pay for a student loan and buy yourself the books you need at school. With all the resources we have today, there’s no reason for you not to earn money in an easy yet convenient way.


Thanks to the advancement of our technology, freelancing was born. It is the most in-demand source of living for those people who sit in the comfort of their home while making money at the same time. It covers a vast array of services depending on the skills you have.


Even the small and large businesses depend on the freelancers because they need a helping hand to help them do even the most minor tasks. Another benefit it gives is the unlimited income you can earn. It does not restrict you from gaining more as long as you can carry loads of tasks without affecting your schooling.


Know What Skills You’re Good at


You just need a little push and ideas to start making money without sacrificing the time you need to spend for homework and school. Before we share you the easy-to-follow steps to help you get started, let us first give you a list of the jobs you can find online. Ask all the questions to yourself, so you’ll discover what you think you can and can’t do.




Do you love writing and has great ideas?


As you go through many websites, you may notice blogging is dominating the internet world. There you can see how important it is to have a blog. Most small to medium businesses rely deeply on it because it helps them introduce or market the products and service they are offering. So, if your mind is filled with useful ideas to help a business grow, why not put those into writing?


Graphics Designing


Are you creative and has a good taste when it comes to choosing designs?

Have you ever seen a website without graphics, designs, standard fonts, and formats? Have you imagined yourself looking at a page where all the words are just written in a very dull or white background? It seems like you are just reading an article written in a coupon bond, right? Looking at this scenario, you will realize how vital a graphic design on a website. From creating a logo to designing the theme, a company needs a graphic designer to create a stunning website.


Website Building


Are you tech savvy and do you know how to use website builders?

Nowadays, almost all businesses have websites. It is one of the best ways to promote their products and services and let the prospective clients discover what they have to offer. Not all company owners are tech savvy to set up a website for their company while others may be too busy to do the task. Therefore, an expert website builder is what they need.




Can you type fast to transcribe audio you are listening?

With this kind of job, you have to be mindful of every single word that comes out from audio. You need to type faster to follow the words you hear. It is also a bonus factor if you’re taking up a course specializing in the medical or legal field. These industries often need people who can transcribe audio into text.


If you think you don’t have an idea on how to perform those jobs, one of the best ways to develop your skill is to watch YouTube tutorials. If you don’t know how to do graphics design, there are several workshops you can find on the internet. Also, building a website is not as complicated as you think. Numerous apps and user-friendly website builders can help you do the task like a pro.


If you don’t have an idea on what to write that can capture an audience’s interest, you can read how-to’s on different blogs. Remember, make use of the resources you can find online to build your hidden skill. Not all freelancers started as an expert when they entered the internet world.


These are just some of the simple jobs you can start for now. As soon as you began your online career, there are still lots of them you can discover. Now, when you already knew what you want to be, it’s time for you to do the next steps!


Choose Your Industry


Having to work for a SPECIFIC industry helps you enhance your skill. Put in mind that most clients prefer to hire a specialist over those who work for general services. You may disagree and ask, “isn’t it good if a client knows I can do a lot of work so I can help the company in many ways?” Yes, it is right! It can give you a lot of opportunities to work for different industries. However, it is also an advantage if you become an expert in one field. Professionals get paid higher than those who are not.


We are not encouraging you to tie yourself to one industry. To make this simple, just compare this step to taking up a course in college. You study one major subject, but you still attend the other classes.


Sign Up and Create a Portfolio on Trusted Websites Offering Freelancing Services


There are tons of websites offering freelance services but also remember there are also millions of freelancers around the world. Therefore, it is essential to create an attention-seeker profile, so you stand out from the competition. It is the reason why we mentioned earlier that you need to choose a specific industry. Make sure to highlight your skill in a particular field where you are an expert. Most clients expect that they will get more satisfied with the result of the work done by a professional. Don’t forget to showcase other skills you have as a bonus factor to turn them on.


We hope these ideas motivate you while you look for ways to earn money. Also, don’t let these jobs take away the fact that education is still important for a sustainable success!

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