Ways for Teens to Make Money

Even teens want to make a significant contribution to the family. As they grow up, they also make themselves responsible for different kinds of tasks on their day-to-day activities. This situation is usually happening if they see their parents striving due to financial instability. They can also think of finding a job so they can sustain their expenses at school.


This attitude is very common to the millennials. Now and then, we can see that the new and aspiring entrepreneurs we have are mostly teens. It is happening because they can quickly adapt to the advancement of the technology wherein most of them are technically inclined. With just a little push and coaching, they can hone their skills which they can use to earn a living.


As an added factor, the internet has lots of resources to offer. Teens can always look for a job through browsing online. We are not surprised to see them surfing the web during their extra time to look for employment. If you are one of them, we have money-making strategies to share. Since you are looking for creative ways to earn a decent income, here is a comprehensive list of jobs that may be suitable for you.


Online Tutor


Your student may be amazed if he sees a young teen teaching him different subjects like Math and Science. It is not impossible to be one if you are attentive every time your teacher discussed something in front of the class. This job does not require any work experiences. You just need to pass the demo lesson as well as the test so the tutorial company can evaluate if you are capable of teaching other people.


Social Media Manager


If you know how to post a relevant content at the right time and you know who your target audience is, you may want to try being a social media manager. In addition to these responsibilities, you also need to have sufficient strategies to grow a company’s followers in social media. In this way, you are helping it grow by increasing its prospective customers.


Virtual Assistant


From simple to complex tasks, a company always needs someone to do assist them. If you have extensive knowledge in using a Word processor, Excel, or PowerPoint, you can apply as a virtual assistant. These tools are just some of the necessary things you need to learn if you want this kind of job. The company may require you to use other apps to perform a specific task like generating a report and event planning.


Sell Stuff on Social Media and eCommerce Stores


It is very easy to sell anything on social media. Use this channel to monetize the things that you are not using. You may sell books, magazines, clothes, accessories, bags, and many valuable things. As long as they still look good, many people can even make use of them. Selling different kinds of things is a good practice that will teach you how to become a young entrepreneur.


Writing Gigs


Many companies anywhere online are willing to hire someone to write an article for a specific product or brand of the company. If you have quality writing skills and can write anything under the sun, you can accept some gigs to earn money. By just having a good command of English and broad ideas, you can absolutely be a writer. It is a good start if you are planning to take a course relevant to writing.




To be a transcriptionist, you need to have a sharp ear to hear every word stated in the audio. You also need to be a fast typist so you can transcribe the words while you listen to them. This job will help you gain a profit which can help you support your school finances. So, if you think you have these characteristics, you can try to be a transcriptionist.




Freelancers can do a lot of tasks like web design and blogging. If you think you have extensive talents, you can offer your service to many job sites like Fiverr and Upwork. Most clients pay as little as $5 for every completed task. The site is hiring freelancers who can do a voice over, transcribe a document, translate an article into a different language, and many other services.




Most probably, you know how to do research. It is the simplest task you can do because you are even doing it at school. Many companies need a researcher to get a piece of information they need for documentation. He primary go-to source to do this task is to browse the internet. Therefore, you can try to be a company’s researcher to help them with the project they need to complete.


These jobs we suggested are considered as the most profitable jobs online. You should manage your time well so you can perform these tasks without getting your school time affected. Do not make them as a reason to quit from schooling. Education is an essential part of our lives, so you still need to value it.


Since you are just starting to make money, we are encouraging you to be extra cautious to avoid any problem while you are hunting for a job. Though the internet has good things to offer, there are also some people behind it who will disguise as a good person ready to give you a sufficient income. Make sure that you only apply for a job on secure sites. Always beware not to pay for any money just for you to be accepted for a job. Take your steps slowly but still make sure you are heading towards the right way.


Earning money at a young age is an admirable attitude. Aside from getting a job for your money-goals, you can also make it as a platform to hone your skills. In this way, you will be prepared to face a more advanced and complicated role as you become an adolescent. It is an excellent training ground before you become independent someday.

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