Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit? – How To Escape From The Office


To some, creating a website focused around a simple hobby and earning anywhere from $5000, to even $10,000/mo online may not sound very legit, depending on your expectations, but imagine achieving this after just 6-8 months of dedicated creativity, and realizing that it’s only the beginning of your journey in the quest for success at making money online.


After months of dedication, there are people that have used this course to create a free website, write about their passion, take advantage of the friendly community and all the support that they could ask for, and apply their skills with hard work over months in order to end up earning a full-time income online


This is not unrealistic, but it does require you to see the course through, and it does require you to work hard.  There are people getting this level of success and you can earn this as well… and much more!


My Wealthy Affiliate Review

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Price: $0 Totally Free To Join!!
Owners: Kyle & Carson
(Legit) Score: 9.6 out of 10

Wealthy Affiliate, Product Overview


After graduating from high school, I was excited to finally be going off to college.  I was optimistic about how bright my future would be and how successful I was going to be.  All my life I ate up the constant rhetoric about how college is the only key to success.


When I found my progress coming to a grinding halt due to the stress of being forced to worry about my funds as opposed to actually worrying more about the curriculum,  I finally called it quits.


Hello.  I’m Dan.  I’ve been working online since January, 2015… but not long before that, I was living in a cramped apartment with my sister and my mother, making ends meet by working at a local Target earning $200 a week.  And this was after dropping out of college due to heavy financial issues.  I had nowhere to turn. There were jobs that I could easily learn to do, but they usually axed your application if you didn’t have a college degree.


I desperately wanted to own a car, rent my own apartment,  enjoy a good night out every once in a while, and finally feel like a financially independent adult… but none of that was possible due to my almost complete lack of means.


I felt like a child, and for a long time I was very miserable.  Aside from degree-requiring jobs, trying to find even a decent low-wage second job was difficult.  It was always back to square one time and time again.  It had been years since college and I hadn’t accomplished anything.


There’s always a solution, a way out of the darkness, if you look hard enough…

It once before occurred to me that I could make money online, but I never thought much of doing anything about it.  I remember sitting at home one day thinking about how amazing it would be if I were my own boss.  I’d never again have to force myself to get up at 3 in the morning.


I could start my day whenever I felt like it.  I could roll out of bed and just work from my room in my boxers if I just didn’t feel like getting dressed!  I wondered about just laying there thinking about all the  things I don’t have to plan, and having the whole day to focus on what I want to do.


To be at ease because I know I never have to worry about money and never have to live each month for pay-day.


I’m a firm believer that only those that take action can get what they really want in life.

I was browsing YouTube one day and I would always check out the travel vlogs and such.  One of my favorite vloggers made a video on how he makes money online while traveling.  He lived a care-free lifestyle and that’s what I wanted.  From that moment, I decided I would do whatever it takes to succeed at making money online.

Now think of what it would feel like not having to worry much about alarm clocks anymore and having a prepared uniform on standby each day.  Picture yourself no longer having to rush to work early in the morning while making sure to make a “pit stop” at the gas station in order to make sure that at least there’s some breakfast for fuel…

Nowadays, Imagine a trip to work consisting of hopping out of bed at around 7 a.m. before a calm, leisurely, morning walk in flip flops, smelling the cool morning air while slow walking from the bedroom across the morning sun-lit hallway to the office with a “pit stop” to the kitchen for coffee.  Dreams do come true.  Stay diligent and keep getting back up when you fall.

So… What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Think a “Facebook” that teaches you how to be…. well…”Facebook!”  Wealthy affiliate is an online business community/social network for people genuinely interested in learning how to make money online.  When you register, you’ll be given a profile and plenty of tools to aid you in your business, including two free websites upon signing up and beginning the course.  There are modules available, and if you follow along, you’ll be running a business in no time.


Every business starts with an Idea, fueled by a passion…

What interests you?  I want you to take some time to really think about that.   Everybody has that one thing… that one subject that they could go on and on about.   It’s that one idea that get’s us excited and motivated.  That passion that gives us a tad extra juice and gets us hopping out of bed a little earlier than usual.

There are over 3 billion people online today.  That’s almost half of the worlds population with access to the internet, and that number is growing everyday!  Imagine the sheer amount of people within those numbers that are looking for a solution or information on a certain subject.  A subject that you happen to know a lot about.  You have knowledge of a subject and people needing information.  Put these two things together, and voila! You have a market!

One of the things I like best about running an online business is the fact that the upfront cost is minimal, compared to a physical and traditional brick-and-mortar business.  An online business is one of the cheapest to run,  There is no long-winded and complicated and expensive business plan to conjure up.  You are not building up capital and taking out business loans.  Forget about ordering equipment and buying raw goods… not to mention a place for housing and storing products to be shipped out.

If you’ve got access to the internet, you’ve got access to what it takes to run a full fledged business.


There are plenty of simple, yet amazing ideas for an online business.  I’ve seen a student build a website marketing his favorite brand of sneakers.  I’ve also seen a website built all around pet food reviews.  Almost anything you can think of, there’s a niche market for.  All you have to do is make the effort to do what is necessary and capitalize on it.


So what are the “perks” and “quirks” of Wealthy Affiliate’s online business course?

The Goods:

So let me guess what you’re thinking right now…

“I’ve never started an online business before.  I know absolutely nothing about online marketing.  I’m a complete and total newb…”

Don’t worry about knowing absolutely nothing about earning money online,  I know I didn’t.  Wealthy Affiliate’s step-by-step training is designed to hold your hand throughout the entire learning process.  Their training is suitable for anyone, whether you’re a complete beginner like I was, or a wise old guru looking to keep his skills sharp and stay ahead of the rapidly evolving game.

“Hey Dan, all this is fine and all, but I don’t have a website…”  

Not a problem!  At Wealthy Affiliate, they hook you up with two free websites to get you started.  At Wealthy Affiliate,  they have a unique site building platform that allows you to have a website up and running in 30 seconds!  Not sure where else you can find a hook up like that!

“What if I’m having technical issues and I need to contact someone?”

This is where the massive online community comes in.   A lot of other training programs out theer just want your money and don’t care whether you succeed or not, but at Wealthy Affiliate…

They do…

The community at WA is a very friendly one and if you ever get stuck there is a live chat feature full of knowledgeable people that are more than willing to help you when you hit a snag.

The Cons:

1) The upsell…

Everything I told you above is true, but the live support is free for only seven days and you only get the first ten lessons in your starter membership.  If you want to further your knowledge, get access to more lessons and get the best training possible, you’ll have to pay.

After a week, you will be prompted to keep the free membership and your two free websites, or upgrade to a Premium membership for $19 for the first upgrade, and then $49/mo from then on.  I’d  kinda like for it to be a bit cheaper though, but hey, it’s a tiny business investment.  Think about all the money you spend on coffee, fast food, etc. each month… The price aint bad.

2) Sorry, you wont get rich quick…

If you’re extremely desperate, or looking to get rich quick,  well… this product probably isn’t for you.  When I found wealthy affiliate, I had already seen it all.  The scams, the ridiculous claims, and the outdated info were still circling the internet and I was starting to believe that running an online business was a pipedream.

When I happened to stumble upon Wealthy Affiliate,  I already knew  they were different.  They never promised me success or riches.  They didn’t even tell me how much money I would make.

The only thing they promised me was that I would have to work hard…

I didn’t even see my first cent until three months in.   Wealthy Affiliate taught me not to focus on money and make that the focal point and main reason for my website.  They showed me that building a solid foundation that visitors trust, and growing traffic with rich and helpful content was the true and only path to success online.

Is wealthy affiliate for me?

Are you… :

  • looking for a way to live a carefree lifestyle
  • wanting a better life for you and your child(ren)
  • a college student looking for a way out of having to stack up loans
  • looking for a way out of the miserable dead end 9-5
  • a business owner that would like to expand his/her presence online
  • a person that loves to travel, but never has the time, or money
  • tired of the same monotonous work/sleep cycle and wants something more
  • someone that has a great idea that you think can really help people

I could name several more situations, but the overall message is clear:  Knowing how to make money online is a great tool for anyone out there in any situation.

Wealthy Affiliate Tools & Training

A $0 starter membership is hard to ignore.  The things you get for free, (your very own profile, two websites, and 10 lessons) are unlike anything I’ve ever come across before.  How many other programs out there let you try before you buy??  Once you decide to go premium though, there are an abundance of tools available for you to take full advantage of.

There are five course subjects with ten lessons each.   That’s 50 lessons to go through.  Although it’s a lot, don’t feel discouraged and don’t try to take it all in at once.  They’re there to help you along the way.  So don’t worry or get too anxious…  Your time to succeed will definitely come.  Go at your own pace, follow the course step by step, and you’ll find yourself running a full-fledged business sooner than you expected.

There are also live training classrooms offered by many different instructors.  Industry standard keyword tools are there to help you cut out the guess work, get ranked quickly, have traffic flowing into your site, and earn more and more revenue as time goes by.

Wealthy Affiliate, final thoughts…

Only those that take action can get what they really want in life.  I believe this 100%!!  You can continue budgeting and worrying if the last $50 you have in your name is going to help you make it to payday.  You can continue working and doing something that you’re not too excited about…

Or you can take that hobby you enjoy, or you could take that amazing idea you’ve always had that can really help others, and transform your dreams into reality and live the life you always knew you could have.  It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at in your life right now; Dreams do come true.  That “pit stop to your kitchen for coffee,”  can one day be your reality.  All it takes is that very first step.  All you have to do now,  is take action!

Wealthy Affiliate at a Glance…

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Price: $0 Totally Free To Join!!
Owners: Kyle & Carson
(Legit) Score9.6 out of 10

VERDICT:  Definitely Legit!!!

What are you waiting for??


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