What Is Affiliate Marketing About And How Does It Work?

An affiliate marketer promotes another person’s business by networking and advertising and receives a commission based on the amount they sell. This type of business strategy has gained popularity over the recent years. Companies are finding that affiliate marketers are more successful and cost less than traditional business strategies such as owning a storefront or advertising on TV or radio. This is because people trust their friends and family more than they trust a company. If a friend suggests a product, people are more likely to try it than when they simply see it in an advertisement. They are also more likely to buy products when they know they are supporting a friend.

There are two ways to become an affiliate marketer; utilize an affiliate program or join a direct-seller company.


Affiliate Programs


Affiliate programs are extremely simple, yet effective. These programs pay you for marketing their product on your website, blog, or YouTube channel. Generally, you’ll earn money each time a customer uses the link they provide.


The best way to promote products is to actually promote the ones that you would truly recommend to others. Avoid promoting products that you are not familiar with; you want your audience to trust your word so that they’ll continue to click links on your website.


It is also extremely important to keep the products relevant to your audience. If you run a blog about camping, your audience most likely won’t be interested in formal wear. They’re more likely to be interested in high quality sleeping bags or tents. Ensure that the products that you’re promoting pertain to your readers or viewers.


Amazon is an extremely simple company to use for affiliate links. Their program allows you to choose what products you would like to promote and provides you with easy-to-use links. However, there are many other affiliate programs out there, so shop around for the best commissions and terms. The best way to do this is to decide on a product to promote and Google “

affiliate programs”. This will give you more options to find the highest paying programs with the most benefits.


Direct-Seller Companies


These companies pay their sellers a commission on the amount that they personally sell. Commission is often based on the amount sold and how many other sellers you have “under” you. In other words, you make the most money in these businesses by a combination of selling and signing on more successful sellers for the company. These companies almost always require a fee to join, but that fee will pay for itself if you become successful within the company.


Begin by finding a company that you trust. There are many direct seller companies with a variety of products. Find one that has products that you love and would love to share with others. If you have a friend who is already selling in the company, ask him or her if you could join their team. Most of these companies encourage their marketers to employ more marketers. By joining a team, you’ll often receive support from marketers who have been selling for the company much longer. They’ll often give you advice on how to sell the products, manage your business, and grow your team even more.


Once you join a company, immediately post on your social media to let your friends and family know what you’re selling and why. Begin utilizing your social media accounts as a way to market yourself and your business. Send private messages to people who you believe would benefit from your products. Make the messages personal and explain why you think the product would suit their needs. Make your pages public and add as many people, including friends-of-friends, as you can. Encourage your friends to join the company, as well. The more people you have selling under you, the more money you’ll make.


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Boost Your Sales


Affiliate marketing is quite simple, but does require effort. There are multiple ways to boost your “clicks”, or sales, which will result in higher commissions for you. Some people simply make one blog post and leave it at that. There is nothing wrong with this, but it will not continue to boost your sales. Continue to promote the products in different, exciting ways to keep customers interested in it.


YouTube/Video Reviews & Tutorials


Create a video for an official box-opening. Explain to your viewers how you received the product and why. Then unveil the product from its box and, if appropriate, show your viewers how to use it. Complete your video with your honest opinion of the product and why you believe your viewers would benefit from it.


Create another video for a detailed tutorial of the product; how to set it up, how to use it, tips, cleaning it, etc. Get excited about the product so that your viewers are excited as well.


Of course, post the affiliate link in the description of the videos and mention in your video that it is there. If you captured your viewers’ interests in the product, it is highly likely that they’ll click the convenient link you left for them.




Blogs are most used for affiliate links, but there are multiple ways to utilize your blog to continue to boost your sales.

The casual mention: intriguing, yet not enough. Many bloggers will casually mention the products in the midst of their blog. The blog post may be about something similar to the product, and they’ll mention it and attach a link within it. This sparks some curiosity for readers, but is often not enough to truly get them interested in the product.


Top 5 Lists are highly successful and allows you to use multiple affiliate links. Create a list of the top 5 products and join affiliate programs for each product. List the products and write about why they are the Top 5, including detailed reviews for each product. Encourage your readers to choose from your Top 5 list for the best products in that certain category.


Detailed reviews are another successful way to boost sales. Create an entire blog post on the product, including why you’re excited to share the product with your readers and why you chose the product itself. The more details you give, the more your readers will be enticed to buy.


Tutorials explaining how to use the products are another great idea for blog posts. Include photos, a step-by-step guide, and tips. This may show your readers that the product is truly being used by you and make them even more interested in buying.

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